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Great Jobs for Parents

Being a parent is far from easy. Late nights, early mornings, constant stress - it takes its toll on people after a while. Despite how tough it can be, it is also gratifying. Welcoming a child into this world is one of the best things you will ever do in your lifetime. The love you will have for your new family member will be unconditional, with you willing to do anything for them. So, despite the stress and tiredness that being a parent ensues, it will be worth every moment. 

It can be difficult as a parent to find the time to really commit to the well-being of your children. Most parents will have to work at least part-time in order to keep a roof over their child's head. This can cause some problems in the household without a doubt. However, it is very much necessary, and there is no way around it. 

What you can do, however, is get a job that benefits your life as a parent. These could be roles that provide you with skills that benefit your children or jobs that offer working opportunities ideal for parents. Either way, it could be a very good idea to consider a career swap to one of these roles to benefit your family life. No matter what age you are, it is always viable to make the swap to a new industry. As intimidating as it might be, it could be really worth the jump. If this is something you would like to consider, here are some of the best employment options for parents. 

Great Jobs for Parents


If you want a job that will allow you to really give your child some benefits at home, you might want to go down an educational route. This means that you can give your child some extra help at home if they are struggling with a particular subject or element at school. A really great option for parents is to get an online masters in school counseling. This means they will be able to help out their child in a deeper and more professional way. People who have this role can also see more flexibility in their working schedules. This means they can be at home more often and have better control over their working situation. The job provides a way to be a more attentive parent in more ways than one. 


The role of a dietitian is extremely rewarding and unique. The primary responsibilities include designing diets for their clients. Based on their dietary requirements, lifestyle preference, or body goals, they will help to design a healthy meal plan for them to achieve this. There are plenty of options when it comes to being employed as a dietitian. They can be employed in schools, healthcare, or even be self-employed by working privately. Being self-employed means that you can work your own hours, which is an ideal factor for full-time parents. Not to mention that your knowledge of foods and nutrition will only benefit your child. You will be able to have a better understanding of what they should be eating to maintain better health. This is also a career that will benefit you on a personal level too. Healthy eating is a skill worth learning for everyone. 


If you are a creative person but never went down that path in terms of your career, it could be time to change that. There is always an opportunity for you to give something you are passionate about a go in terms of making a living. One of the most common job roles that people desire but do not commit to is being a writer. As a pastime, there are few better options. It gets your mind working, brings out your creative side, and can lead to a serious career. There are even multiple paths you can go down when it comes to writing. You could try your hand at being an author. Writing novels and publishing them can lead to some pretty steady income. You would be working your own hours as well as being able to work from home. Other types of writing you could consider are journalism, blogging, and content writing. These are all viable options that could see you avail of working from home opportunities. 

Personal Trainer 

Another career that has plenty of employment opportunities is that of a personal trainer. You could make your living by working for a gym, healthcare center, or even by being self-employed. Your responsibilities will include trying to come up with fitness plans to benefit your client. This means tailoring them personally to suit different people. This is great as it is something your children can benefit from as they grow older, especially if they are into fitness. The self-employment opportunities it offers are also really beneficial for working your own hours as a parent. 

Bus Driver 

One of the most underrated jobs that parents can consider is that of a bus driver. Whether you are employed by a school, bus services, or another private company, the benefits are all there. If you enjoy driving, it will be a relaxing and enjoyable career for you. Depending on who you are employed by, the hours could be really beneficial for being a parent. If you are looking for desirable hours, you might want to try and seek employment from a school. Bus drivers can also be self-employed. Private hire buses are very popular for going to events. This will also give you the option of choosing your own hours. 

Real Estate Agent 

There are probably few parents in the world that would turn down the chance to be a real estate agent. It is almost the perfect job for family life. One, it makes a great salary. This can alleviate a lot of stress when it comes to family matters. It is also really flexible in regards to hours. The hourly rate can be quite substantial given the nature of the job. 

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