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3 Instances Where You Should Outsource Your Business Research

Running a business is more than a full time job: it’s more like two or three. But when so much of your own money, your time, and your heart is invested into a company, it can be hard to loosen the reins and give someone else a chance to shine.

However, it is important to outsource certain aspects of business to qualified professionals. Hiring help removed from your company can give you a fresh perspective, but better yet you will get specialized skills to get the job done right, quickly.

Outsource Your Business Research

Here are 3 instances wherein you would be smart to outsource your business research!

Help with Macro Strategies

Building a business and a brand name certainly take time, but because of this it can be hard to know when (and if) your efforts are paying off. When it comes to your business’ overarching marketing strategy, however, it is so crucially important that you get it right from the start, or else every other strategy under its umbrella is sure to fall flat.

That is a lot of pressure! But don’t worry. This is a perfectly acceptable situation for you to outsource crafting your business’ macro strategy to the experts. If, for some reason, you can only choose one aspect of your strategy to outsource to outside professionals, choose this part. If nothing else, this will set up all of the other efforts you forge ahead with thereafter.

So what is macro strategy? “We believe it’s more than having a year-end target on the S&P or revised quarterly earnings estimates,” says Renaissance Macro Research, one of the top policy research firms in the country. “How does one invest with an inverted yield curve, high PMI’s, or a stronger dollar? Have ETF’s or a low liquidity environment changed the game? What’s the difference between buying at the bottom for a bounce vs. a new long-term trend? Having a process is key.”

So whether you are creating a macro portfolio strategy or a macro marketing strategy for your business, feel good turning to the experts who can help put you on the path to long term, durable success.

Search Engine Optimization Research

Do you know how keywords impact the ability of your customers to find your business? If you don’t, then you need to be googling what “SEO” stands for ASAP.

Search engine optimization (aka SEO) is the practice of tailoring digital content to search engine algorithms so that content is highly ranked in search results. Obviously, it is ridiculously valuable to be in the top results a potential client sees when they google a service or product your business provides.

But you do not have to take my word for it. Apparently 71% of searchers do not click past the first page of search results. So if you are not number one, you might not be getting seen. Yikes!

However, SEO is a pretty new field in the grand scheme of things. Google is the major search engine on the internet, so it dominates search results and plays its algorithmic cards pretty close to its chest most of the time.

While we have general ideas of how the system works, there are definitely things we just can’t account for in optimizing our content for search engines, because sometimes we just don’t know what they are looking for. This leaves those without the know-how to do it themselves vulnerable to scammers who want to take them and their business for a ride.

Don’t be one of them! In addition to generally just keeping an eye out for questionable behaviors before giving someone your money, you can safeguard yourself against being taken advantage of by doing your own research into SEO. It is a vitally important skill for businesses to have in the digital age, and even knowing just the basics of SEO can put you ahead of your competition.

Online Reputation Management

Even just one misstep will live forever on the internet, forever searchable and accessible to potential clients in the digital realm. Obviously the best defense against this is to keep a very clean public image, but things happen and mistakes will be made! The best thing to do in this scenario is to keep your employees off of social media.

Then, turn to a qualified professional with experience helping clean up digital reputations. Online reputation management is going to become increasingly important for businesses as more and more work is conducted over the internet.

Different image hosting sites, different news sites, forums, etc.: these places will all have their own unique set of rules and procedures for removing content. Instead of wasting your precious time tracking down all of this information one by one and begging them to remove it yourself, find a reputation management firm who have a little more leverage than you do.

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