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What Should We Include in a Perfect Website Designing

That's the only question a designer always think about before starting the task. 

It's a continuous and creative process. But the creativity of designer and customer expectation may be differing most of the time. 

The customer expected a website needs to be visible, result-oriented and provide a high return on investment. But a designer put his creativity for his - well-structured, logically organized data with Meta tags, title tags and other SEO practices. Which is obvious to make it readable by search engines? It is also necessary that Google's crawlers index our website. A designer uses internal links to establish relationships within the website and increase the time spent. Audition for errors is also an essential aspect of a website designer.

Perfect Website Designing

But what should we include in a website designing process that is perfect for customers and website designers?

From the customer point of view, the website should be 

Mobile friendly 




And, of course, Affordable.  

Usually, a website designer thinks the success and failure of a website depend on the landing page's design and content. A designer keeps the user-centric design and standard approach in his mind. A visitor must see the content and data that he/she was searching for at first sight.

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A web designer implements some basic principles and practical web design guidelines.

Visitors always appreciate the craftsmanship, quality and credibility. Suppose the content is high quality, visitor compromise with some annoying advertisement and flat design. This is the main reason that an average designed website gain high traffic because of its high quality of contents.

Visitors are interested in headlines, links, images, infographics and something interesting; they do not want to read like newspapers. So designing spotting art is also helpful to generate traffic and decrease your bounce rate.

A straightforward principle for website designing is if visitors do not find the content he is searching for or cannot meet his expectations than design needs to be improved. Internal linking is the best way to grab visitors with related contents. Most visitors think about what you want to bethink.

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The authenticity of the contents is the most critical aspect. Nobody wants fantasy and fake stories gossips when he is in the right mood. Do what you mention in your content. E.g. if you claim that your product has x feature and benefit, it should be visible to the customer.

A self-explanatory approach should be there because visitors visit your site with a question, and it's the designer duty to fulfill his need through contents and other information.

Another principle is to manage the visitors' focus and make it easy to communicate in an organized way. Many elements and color combinations may not work well most of the time, so it should be simple with white space and without annoying.

All these principles mentioned above apply to website designing, such as ecommerce, informational, and educational. 

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