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How to get Free Instagram Followers?

How to get Instagram followers for free’ is perhaps one of the biggest concerns of Instagram page owners. Whether it is your personal account, or you have just begun a small startup with little or no budget for marketing or you are a big brand, every one seeks unlimited number of instant Instagram followers and that also with cost cutting practices.

Free Instagram Followers & Likes

One of the strategies people use to get a big following in a short period of time is recurring to the best sites to buy Instagram likes. It is a great way to make any account seem legit and interesting. But certainly these cost cutting techniques, especially in the case of the internet, could sometimes end-up in becoming huge unanticipated costs for example online scams, breach of privacy, etc.

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With a staggering 800 million plus active and unique monthly users, Instagram is a preferred choice of many marketers as well as big brands and celebrities to mark their social media presence. It is due to this audience rush that skyrockets advertising costs on Instagram.

But luckily there are also ways in which you can get Instagram followers free. One such remarkable app which helps you achieve free Instagram followers is called GetInsta.

GetInsta - Free Insta Followers

What is GetInsta?

GetInsta app is an excellent, reliable and super-easy way to increase your Instagram followers for free. Offered by and available on all three major OS platforms namely Windows, Android and iOS, GetInsta can help you get free Instagram followers without any hassle. 

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Why use GetInsta?

The GetInsta app offers its users many benefits. We have compiled a list of few of these here.

1 # 100% Free-of-charge

Yes, you read it right. GetInsta app is 100% free-of-charge. Although it does need an in-app currency in the form of coins to buy free Instagram followers, the way by which you can collect these coins is also free.

2 # Organic following

Many other apps that claim to add free followers to your Instagram account use fake or bot user profiles which are totally inorganic. While this way you do get free Instagram followers, they are not active and genuine ones that engage in your posts.

Contrary to this, GetInsta app brings organic and real followers to your Instagram page which not only increases your followers but also enables user engagement on your page to increase likes on your posts.

3 # Controlled increase in number of free Instagram followers

If Instagram detects an unusual and sudden huge flow of followers to your Instagram page, they might get suspicious of this activity and could suspend or ban your Instagram account.

GetInsta app takes care of this as well and sends new free Instagram followers to your page in a controlled and organic manner.

4 # Safety and privacy

Whereas the word ‘Free’ with anything can cause doubts about its integrity, this is not the case with GetInsta app.

GetInsta app is created by a team of professional and experienced persons that knows how important your safety and privacy is for you and thus they adopt the best practices to make GetInsta app free from all kinds of risks.

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How to use GetInsta?

Using the GetInsta app is a simple four step procedure.

Step # 1

You download the GetInsta app version for your right OS platform.

Step # 2

You create a new account on GetInsta app and immediately get a few coins for free to start spending on buying free Instagram followers and likes.

How to use GetInsta

Step # 3

Add one or more of your Instagram accounts without giving in your password and whose number of followers you want to increase for free.

use GetInsta

Step # 4

Publish tasks for other GetInsta app users  to follow your page or like your posts; or complete tasks published by others and get coins.


GetInsta App Uses

Why is GetInsta app free-to-use?

As mentioned earlier, this is generally a natural question that every person would ask before starting to use the GetInsta app to get free Instagram followers.

Well, the answer is quite simple. GetInsta app operates on a model of providing mutual benefit to all of its users. This mutually benefitting model means asking each user to follow and like other users Instagram pages and content in return for a number of coins.            

GetInsta app free-to-use 1GetInsta app free-to-use 2

This way not only the GetInsta community helps each other to get free Instagram followers and likes in a totally organic and supportive manner, but also helps each individual user to collect coins which can later be used to buy more organic and instant free followers on Instagram. Totally, this is a win-win situation for all.

Free Followers & Likes - GetInsta

Aside from this, you can also spend real cash to buy more amounts of GetInsta in-app coins for further spending on free Instagram follower packages. But this depends on you and real cash spending is not mandatory.

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