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A Complete Review for TS Data Recovery Software

These days, things have become digitized, and we people have changed to the trend of digital data. How many of us or going with the paper pen work now? It can be text, document, remainders, photos, videos, etc. We prefer to save it in the digital Format due to various reasons. I am also such a person who saves all the information on my mobile phone. Though there are lots of such benefits, there are also some downsides to following this. One of the crucial downsides that everyone will come across is the loss of date. You may delete it by yourselves, or it may get affected by the virus, auto-format, or any other issues. All these will lead to loss of data from a mobile phone or the computer.

Togethershare Data Recovery Software

So, with the help of technology, there is a solution in the form of free data recovery software. When I came across such a situation where I lost the data, I was relying on the TS data recovery software. It did the great work to bring back my data without any hassles. Here, I would like to share about the software for the other users who are looking for similar software.

Know about the TS data recovery software  

TogetherShare is the free hard drive data recovery software that will work on advanced data recovery technology, and you can easily have the data that you have lost. It performs well with the SSD, HD, computer and several other digital storage devices. It is completely safe and clean to work with it. So, you need not worry about the authenticity of working with the software.

TS data recovery software


What kind of data you can recover with this software

As I said earlier, the losses of data are from different perspectives, and it is the one-stop solution for having the software for deleted, corrupted, formatted and lost data. Sometimes, you may delete accidently or think you may not require it any more. In such a case, though you have cleared it from the recycle bin or pressed Shift + Delete, you can have the deleted files with this software.

Sometime, you may accidentally format the device without backing up the files. Some third-party might format the device without your knowledge, etc. These instances also find the right solution with such software to regain the lost data.

In certain instances, you may even lose the information completely. For instance, you may have the hard drive partition deleted or lost, corruption of hardware leads to inaccessibility of the software. Most people think that lost data is permanently lost and they will not have the data again. It is now the real scenario! You can have back the same data as you are using the data recovery software.

Should you have to pay for the software?

I used the software without paying for it. Even with this option, I could have data recovery for 1 GB data and the ability to preview it. When I went on more research over the software, I came to know there are two other paid versions where we can have more benefits out of it. The profession plan charges $69.95, and it helps in recovering any value of the data and previewing them. Further, users can also have free lifetime upgrades and tech support. The next advanced version was the Enterprise, and it charged $299.00. It offers the features of the profession version, and the user can activate it on all the computers in the firm. Most importantly, you can have the recovery with the client’s software as well.

How did I recover the deleted file?

You can work with this software on both the Mac and Windows computer to have the data recovery. It is a reliable recovery tool. Besides one particular format, it is effective to recover to various formats like MOV, MPEG, AVI, MPG, 3GP, MP4, RAM, 3G2, M4V and several others. It also eliminates the risk of loss or corruption, and the recovery process will be completed within a few minutes.

Step 1: Pick out the desired location

Initially, you have to select the drive, external media or volume from where you are looking to recover the deleted media files. Then, you should click on the option ‘scan’.

Step 2: Preview the recovered media files

Now, you will be able to recover media files after the completion of the scanning process.

Step 3: Recover media files

It is the final step where you can select the images, videos files and audio files you want to restore and click on the “recovery” option. So, you can save them at the preferable destination.

Types of recovery possible with the data recovery software  

  • Mac file recovery
  • Storage device recovery
  • Memory card recovery
  • iOS data recovery
  • USB drive data recovery

Who is worth to enjoy the paid version?

Generally, everyone will like to adopt the free version. You can go with it when you are using it for personal use. If you are using it at the organization level, it is advisable to go with the paid version. The paid version will allow you to have more benefits, and you will also feel it is worth to pay for it.

Some tips to have effective data recovery

  • Do not download anything to the storage where you have lost the data.
  • Avoid applying more force to the hard drive
  • Never try to reinstall the operating system again.
  • Ensure you are reading the information completely about the software before installing them
  • Get prepared with the hardware.  
  • Do not save the deleted files to the file system where you initially deleted them.

Following these will still enhance the results of the data recovery with the software.

No more worries to retrieve the data!

So, I have given my review on the free data recovery software. I hope that it will be helpful for others who are suffering from similar situations. However, ensure you learn about the software to use it effectively and retrieve the data.

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