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Trade-In Your Old Iphone, When You Get A New One

Every trade comes with different possible results in the world. The best possible result you wish to see is a Win-Win Situation. The launch of the iPhone 11 and max pro invites the consumers for the upgrade. The only rock that stands between the upgrade is the Cash. The solution is as easy as the problem: trade in your old iPhone to subsidies’ a new iPhone. This is the best win-win result we can get.

Trade in old iPhone

As per the study analysis, the global average stands at 12% for the selling of old phones whereas in Singapore only the rate of sell-off is 25%. Trade-in old iPhone in Singapore is an active market with the best value in return.

While trade-in you must keep these things on a checklist:-

1. Keep everything you get while buying a new phone:

Every single detail about the old phone is valuable to the reseller. All the items that we receive add value at the time of reselling. If we miss one, we lose a chunk of value. However, the value lost for the missed item varies from shop to shop. Hence, it is always great to keep the box safe, to get the maximum value at the time of trade-in.

2.  Least damage gets maximum value:

It is very important to ensure the health of the phone at the time of trade-in. Every damage done can reduce the value in return. The major value lies on the phone's screen. To avoid any damage to the screen, make sure that it has a full tempered glass that covers the whole screen edge. To cover the case it is important to use the Case for the phone so that there is no damage to the body while using it.

3. Warranty period is key:

Warranty period ensures you the repair for damage from the seller/manufacturer of the product. The number of years of warranty your old phone has increased the value of the trade-in. However, if you lose the warranty period, the value at the time of trade-in for new phones diminishes. 

4. Timing of Trade-in: 

The best time for trade-in is when your old phone has value in the market before the launch of a new model. This gives you an edge in the market to evaluate market offers for selling off old phones.

Technical checklist at the time of trade-in

1. Create Back-up of the phone
2. Turn off Find my 
3. Reset it to factory setting
4. Take out the Sims card

What’s the way to get maximum value for the trade-in?

Assess your phone from the reseller point of view: It is of utmost importance to know the basis on which the reseller does the assessment of your phone. Before the reseller tells you the value, you must assess it on your own to get an idea of the resell value of your phone.

Research maximizes the value: Research about the market helps the seller shortlist the shops that can provide maximum value for the old phone. You can also contact the shortlisted shops to raise your queries and reply.

Check the offers: While giving in your old phone for a new one, check the offers. Usually, the telcos give offers to attract new customers. The average discount can be quite minimal at times. 

Compare the price: The buyback value of all the products should be considered and compared to the value of the new phone. This assessment adds to the economic advantage that you will have in the market irrespective of the time.

Features upgrades: Always scrutinize the features so that you can get the maximum satisfaction as well as the technological upgrade at the least possible cost to your pocket.

In a fast-paced world, technology stands most dynamic and volatile. The upgrades are key to match with the pace of technology. The peak in trend to trade in for new phones is evident in the Singapore market. The features and technological upgrades by trading in phones leave the customer with saved dollars.

Keeping the points in mind, you can hit the jackpot of being on the Win-win side of the table.

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