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Tape storage is not dead: Reasons why the world needs tape storage!!!

First, tape storage was used to store the data of a computer in 1951 but with improvement in the memory, storage in the magnetic tape has become a little outdated. By the mid of the 1970s, all the people relied on tapes and cassettes. But soon, with the arrival of the other storage units such as discs and cloud storage, tape storage becomes old fashioned. 

Now, in the world where we have hard disk drives and super fast solid-state drives, it is quite impressive that the majority of the companies still use magnetic tape to store their important data. So, what is the reason behind that, why people are still using tape storage? Here you will get to know the reasons why the world needs the tape storage yet.

1. Reduction in the cost of storage

Magnetic tape storage is cheaper than that of storing data in other kinds of memory units. Though available hard disc drive achieves fast backup in restoring and retrieving files and folders. But the cost of the HDD is higher than the cost of the magnetic tape. HDD has a short period and they need to be replaced frequently.

Therefore the data that needs to keep stored for a long time which does not need to access over and over again, a magnetic tape is a good and affordable option to store such kind of data. You can store data in these tapes for a longer duration of time at an affordable cost.

2. Bring on the big data

Few aspects of business remain unaffected on the storage of data based on the varieties of data available but to make the complete process of the company, it is necessary to manage and store the data efficiently and effectively. Magnetic tape is a good option to store several types of available data present in a company. Of course, it is not feasible to store all the data of the company on its servers but it is also necessary to keep it stored. Not all the companies can pay to cloud storage to store their big data, this is when magnetic tapes become a good option. The low maintenance, low cost, and security are the things that make tapes a good option for all the companies to keep their big data stored in these.

3. There is no question of “either-or”

There is no option of either or when it comes to storing data. Most of the companies need to either choose a combination of the hard disk drive and magnetic tape or just the magnetic tapes. The longer durability of the tapes makes the tape storage as the most preferred option. While on the other hand, a hard disk drive helps you to restore and retrieve data within minutes. Therefore, combining the advantages of both the storage devices, the combination of the HDD and magnetic tape is an ideal option to store the data. 

4. The tape is a perfect medium for long term data storage

Most companies want to store their data for a longer duration of time. Legal rules and regulations require companies to keep their data stored for a longer time that can be accessed whenever there is a need. As you know magnetic tapes are affordable and durable with significantly lower energy costs, makes them a perfect medium for companies to keep their data stored for a longer time.
While most of the time, companies do not require to retrieve or access that data in real-time but still, for legal purpose and compliance requirements, it is safer for companies to keep their data stored.


Yes, you might have heard that the tapes are losing its significance and they are dying with the innovation of new storage devices. But when it comes to the facts, the statement goes wrong. Because tapes are still in use to store data because of several numbers of benefits such as its higher capacity, affordability, longer durability, low maintenance and much more which makes companies use the tapes instead of other storage units even after the innovation of the HDDs and cloud storage. So, at last, we can’t say that magnetic tapes are dying because still, tapes are preferred by most of the companies.  

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