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How To Secure Your Business Data with TheOneSpy Tracking App

The businesses have to deal with heaps of data containing information about clients, employees, third parties, finance, expenditures, incomes, profit, loss and several other categories. Many companies lose sensitive information because they fail to secure data the way it should be. No matter if you run a small scale business or a large scale enterprise, you should be watchful for your data. 

The One Spy App

The experts recommend storing information on physical as well as online storage. Many companies only rely on physical storage devices like USB, disks and drives. These devices can get damaged, missed out or stolen. The online and cloud storage programs can provide great help me securing, updating and retrieving sensitive data. Moreover, the monitoring of company-owned devices is also crucial to prevent unauthorized data transfer. This article discusses how you can secure your business data with TheOneSpy that offers online storage and monitoring of company devices.

TheOneSpy Tracking App

You can keep track a mobile phone or computer device to remotely manage the data stored on the device. Once you install the tracking app on company-owned devices you can secure information saved on these devices without having into possession. The app automatically syncs data stored on the phone and uploads to the online storage. Given are the features of the software that explain how data can be secured with TheOneSpy.

Create Online Data Backup

No matter what data has been saved on the company-owned devices, you can secure the whole information without accessing each device. All computers and mobile phones can be managed through single platform that is web based control panel of TheOneSpy. It can be logged into on any computer or mobile phone browser. However, to remotely control a device you need to make sure that it is installed with the tracking app. After app installation, the data get automatically uploaded to the online storage of TheOneSpy from where you can retrieve it. 

Secure Media

The photos, videos and graphical presentations can be secured with the cloud storage app. The monitoring solution for mobile phones gets access to media files saved on the device and automatically uploads to the online storage. It lets you retrieve a file that is accidentally or intentionally deleted from the primary device. 

Protect Chats

If you are managing a contact center, all chats between employees and clients are important. You can protect these chats by creating online backup. The mobilephone tracking app allows creating online backup of inbound and outbound text messages, SMS, MMS, social media chats, instant messages and group chats. It tracks popular social and communication apps including Facebook, Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp and Snapchat. The spy app secretly and automatically uploads chats made through these apps to the online storage from where you can evaluate them.

Manage Contacts

The contact numbers saved on mobile phones of marketing and sales staff can be secured and retrieved with ease. The tracker app gets access to all contacts saved on the monitored device and uploads to the online storage. It provides access to name, number, email addresses and relevant information of every contact saved in the Phonebook. 

Monitor Emails

The surveillance program of TheOneSpy does not only allow protecting business emails but also lets you evaluate these emails. You can read content of every email sent and received by your workers. It lets you ensure that your employees do not disseminate important information to rivals or unauthorized persons. Also, the email monitoring helps in combating phishing emails sent by hackers. You can prevent your workers from responding to these emails putting security of company owned devices and system into danger.

Record Keylogs

You can monitor chats, email addresses, usernames and passwords put to the monitored mobile phone or computer. The employee monitoring software records keystrokes applied to the keyboard of the company-owned mobile or computer device. These keylogs can be accessed through the web portal of the spyware software. 

Monitor Workplace Discussions

What if you could listen to the secret discussions of your displeased workers? You can prevent your disloyal workers from unauthorized data transfer by getting to know their secret plans. The employee monitoring solution allows turning on microphone and camera of the company-owned mobile phone and computer to allow witnessing and capturing surroundings. It lets you know what is cooking up in your workers’ minds.

Hope this article would help learn how the business data can be secured with TheOneSpy tracking app. 

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