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What Skills Does Essay Writing Give You?

For students, writing essays is unavoidable and, for better or for worse, it affects your chances of getting enrolled in your dream university or receiving an A in your finals. But academic essays have a plenty of benefits that go beyond just gaining a deeper understanding of a subject and securing a good grade. Not wanting to be a professional essay writer shouldn’t stop you from gaining a number of skills.

Essay Writing

Here are some of the best essay writing skills that will help you with your other ambitions:

1. Language skills

When writing essays, everybody would agree that your language skills improve drastically. You get exposed to a different genre of writing that is formal and academic, which helps you understand the structure, tonality, and vocabulary required for such writing better. This reflects in not just your writing but also in the way you speak—with more fluidity and confidence—during oral exams, interviews, and life in general.

2. Written communication skills

Writing is not difficult. However, making your writing persuasive, with substantiated points and strong arguments, is not a walk in the park either. Academic essay writing requires you to frame your whole piece in a way that is coherent and structured to convince the reader. It helps you form your arguments well and frame them even better. Once you master that part, there’s no stopping you from getting the highest grade. But an ‘A’ on your essay is not all you take away. You also improve your overall communication skills, which help you articulate your points, reasoned arguments, and other issues acceptably.

3. Research skills

Writing at an academic level requires a lot of research because that’s the basis of all your arguments. But as easy as it sounds, research isn’t a simple task. Research requires you to first identify and understand the question presented in the essay so that you can start looking for the right answers. Research skills teach you how to find relevant information from the right sources, making the data you cite dependable.

4. Analytical skills

There are some skills more easily acquired than others, and the ability to analyze falls in the latter category. But academic writing goes a step further to teach you how to form a substantial argument for your paper. It teaches you how to analyze all the information you have collated from your research and identify which ones help your case the most. You learn how to develop your ideas, draw conclusions from your research, and then plan your essay methodically. Needless to say, these problem-solving and analytical skills come in handy in other areas as well.

So, you see, whether you become a professional essay writer or not, you still have a lot to gain. And the best essay writing skills often come in handy in other areas of life, including your profession. So, don’t be too quick to hate your essay writing assignments!

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