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Iamhere (Mobile App) – Find Guitarists, Singers, Artists near You

Many of us are passionate about music. They may be aspiring singers or love playing a particular musical instrument. When we get like-minded people, it helps to fuel passion. Else, the lack of motivation can lead to the unfortunate burial of enthusiasm. Again, if you are eager to take guitar or singing classes, but you are not aware of anyone nearby, you gradually lose the interest.

I am here App

Thanks to technology, the introduction of Iamhere app efficiently solves this problem. The app is your hyperlocal social network. With the help of it, now you can connect with like-minded people. You can conveniently get information on guitarists, singers, and artists in your neighborhood. What is the big deal you may ask, as you can also use popular social networks for searching people of the profession mentioned above? Let us explore.

How Iamhere is different

Yes, you have multiple search options like Google Maps, Facebook, and so on. However,  with the help of Google maps, you can locate places and not the people. Similarly, Facebook can help you find people, but they may not be hyperlocal. Precisely, availability is not enough. If you are unable to access the location, it will be hardly of any use. With the Iamhere app, you are guaranteed to find information on people in your neighborhood. You only need to say “I am here,” and that’s it. You can instantly discover and connect with the people you intend to meet.

Getting started with Iamhere app

Finally, you are all set to find the guitar teacher near your location to help you master the instrument. Creating a profile in the Iamhere app is super easy. Once the app has been the setup, you can instantly connect with the virtual world of Avatars near your location. Read their stories and chats, and you can soon determine the perfect musician to help your cause.

Find events near you

As an aspiring musician, wouldn’t you want to show your talent to the world? But, it is not always possible to get information on such events. With the help of Iamhere app, you can host an event or find an event happening nearby. You get the ideal platform to gain recognition. Likewise, if you are in the pursuit of a musician to perform at your place, information on them is available at your fingertips.

Endless possibilities with Iamhere app

As we already mentioned, you can search nearby for finding like-minded people, with this app. You also have the option of chatting, viewing stories, and asking questions, and view promotions all within your neighborhood.

Scope and Compatibility

The range of Iamhere app is practically unlimited. Everyone requires the support for people belonging to the same profession, and finding them is a breeze now. The app is compatible with all Android and iOS devices. The search results are instantaneous. Profiles of people you are searching for will be visible instantly for you to access. With no limitations for connecting, very soon you can get in touch with hundreds of people of your preference.

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