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How Does Technology Affect the Hospitality Industry?

Smart Technology is reshaping everything, and it has played an essential role in the development of the hospitality industry. Many hotels in the hospitality industry have already shifted to intelligent technology. They are now using automated hotel management systems that give them a chance to make the most of their staff, products, and services to increase their operations and improve the overall experience of hotel guests.

Technology in Hospitality Industry

For example, a hotel using traditional PMS lacks behind by a considerable margin than hotels using innovative technology such as a cloud-based Property Management System that automates their entire hotel operations.

8 Ways Technology is Making the Hospitality Industry better:

1. Enhanced Check-In and Check-Out Procedures

Thanks to the advancements in modern technology, users can now check-in or check out with a few clicks. Digital Platforms and Websites are now available online that allow users to check-in at Airports, Hotels and even restaurants without meeting anyone. This helps users to save time and makes the whole process easy. 

2. Increase Accessibility With Mobile Devices

Many hospitality-related businesses have started switching to mobile devices because they are helping them to get jobs done in a faster and more intelligent way. Mobile devices are cheaper, and they also offer portability. Hence these businesses are ditching the traditional desktops for mobiles. 

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3. Improve The Guest Experience

Guest Experience plays a significant role in the growth of your hotel. No one likes to wait in long queues and fill out forms to stay in a room. Since everyone is travelling for a limited time, having innovative technology at your hotel that allows quick check-ins and ensures a better experience becomes essential. 

You can provide smartphone apps that allow users to check-in even before they arrive at your hotel. Food menus should be made accessible via QR codes so anyone can scan them and order the food they are craving. Food orders through apps will make the job easy for the staff working at your hotel, and it may also attract more customers. 

4. Enhanced Targeting

Text messages play an essential role for business travellers, so using them in the right way becomes necessary. Hotels can inform business travellers about their meeting rooms and changes in their events. Hotels can also offer special services like restaurant access, spa treatments and much more via text and make more money by doing the same. 

5. Improves staff services

Smart Technology has also made life easy for the travel and hospitality industry staff. Staff now uses automated systems to do tasks like laundry and cleaning. In addition to this, the automatically saved customer information on smartphones allows the staff to serve their customers better. 

6. Improved Communication

This is applicable for both staff and customers because communication is a two-way process. Translators now allow two foreign people speaking different languages to understand each other. In addition to this, customers can now use features like live chat and get the help at their fingertips. This makes information more accessible and ensures that customers get the most satisfactory services. 

7. Smart Roomservice 

Smart Roomservice is another perk that becomes possible with the help of modern technology. Customers can now order food straight from their hotel room by scanning a QR Code that gives them access to the menu. Customers can also make online payments, so contactless delivery becomes possible. 

Some hotels also have a dedicated online app that allows customers to book additional services from the comfort of their room. 

8. Online Reputation Management Technology

Online ratings for a hotel play a significant role in the growth of their business. They allow users to see if the hotel could deliver on the guest's expectations. It also plays a crucial role in inviting new customers because customers prefer Hotels with the most positive feedback. This becomes possible because of the websites that monitor reviews and give customers a platform that they can trust. 


The hospitality industry is moving fast, and to catch up to the market trends, you must start catching up with technology to improve your services. In the largely customer-driven hospitality industry, technology to speed operations and gather detailed customer information is not optional.

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