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What’s New in Oracle’s Procurement Module


Oracle offers constant upgrades at an unparalleled pace with their quarterly update releases, technical patch upgrades, minor releases, and much day-to-day sustenance. Businesses don't have a lot of choices but to keep up. 

The Oracle 22B release notes are meant to provide an overview of the impacted modules and new functionalities, functional updates, and issues regarding 22B Oracle Cloud Financials/HCM modules.

Details of Oracle Cloud 22B Update in the Procurement Module 

Oracle procurement module can help businesses automate their procure-to-pay, strategic sourcing, and supplier management processes. Oracle fusion cloud procurement module comes with built-in collaboration and analytic insights that allow businesses to drive agility, easily manage several risks and also increase margins. 

Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement is an integrated source-to-settle suite that can easily automate several business processes, improve supplier relationships, enable strategic sourcing, and simplify buying, resulting in lower risk, improved savings, and more prominent profitability. 


 The Oracle Cloud 22B update includes additional attributes such as supplier name, document totals, and document descriptions in your purchasing document approval notification titles.

 With the latest Oracle 22B update, companies can easily monitor and troubleshoot errors in external purchase price approval workflow with the help of the Transaction Console work area. In addition, it also allows viewing error logs, recovering or terminating approval tasks from the Transaction Console.

  As a buyer, businesses won't need to search for over-released cases and manually handle them. It is recommended to prevent purchase order submission if agreement lines would be over-released.

 According to Oracle 22B release notes, release suggestions to Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement for rescheduling or canceling purchase orders that didn't begin from Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Planning's buy recommendations. Before this update, such types of purchase orders couldn't be rescheduled or canceled.

 With the latest Oracle Cloud 22B update, businesses can effortlessly keep dates on their sales orders synchronized with dates on their purchase order. If their supplier makes changes to the shipment or delivery dates on the purchase order for a pick-to-order item or a kit, then his feature will update those dates and add a reason for the change on the related order line.

Supplier Model 

● According to Oracle 22B release notes, businesses can easily streamline B2B document sharing with the help of intelligent oracle business network connectivity in supplier self-service registration.

● In addition, businesses can also use datafox supplier intelligence signals in internal registration and registration approvals. 

Item Replacement

 The updates in the Oracle Cloud 22B helps create replacement for items affected by supply disruptions. This also assists you in selecting an alternative time or supplier to deal with your supply disruptions.

 By carrying out mass updates on purchase orders for replacements or cancellations of the existing orders and developing new orders for the alternative source.

External Purchase Prices

● Oracle Cloud 22B can now import buying price without any product or category.

● In recent updates, some significant changes have been made in the purchase agreements created from external purchase prices.


● When looking for suppliers or adding them in negotiation, thereby ensuring distinct suppliers are added to the final invitation list.

  It helps in eliminating the manual work of removing the chances of supplier duplication. 

Supplier Qualification Management

When looking for suppliers to add an initiative, 22B update can help in reviewing the Data Fox risk score of the supplier and access signals in the search results. 

Spend Classification

22B helps improve classification results using training exclusions. In addition to this, you can have access to the sample training data set prior to its creation.

Procurement Contracts

● 22B can help view all active sites necessary for supplier address in the fulfillment lines. The selected sites can be utilized in the agreement developed from the contract.

● With 22B update, one can easily differentiate base contracts developed from sourcing negotiations. Furthermore, it allows navigating directly to a contract like a BI report.

Channel Revenue Management

With 22B, you can make use of the legal entity time zone while developing programs, adjustments, claims, accruals, and listing transactions.

Supplier Channel Management

● The 22B update facilitates users to import any additional information included in the supplier invoice line in the form of CSV file to a descriptive flex field.

● Furthemore, users can use a distinct catalog for alternative supplier sites.

 Moreover, exchange rate dates can be specified for manual adjustments to supplier programs.

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