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What is a Thought Leader?

A thought leader is a person who industry peers recognize as an authority in their field. Thought leaders offer educated opinions and are usually the preferred choice for insights by their followers. They are also known as innovators, creators, and mavericks in their field of expertise. 

Thought leaders may feature on television, podcasts, YouTube videos, and social media clips to share their analysis of current market situations. Usually, the engagement numbers for their videos, such as likes and shares, are higher than average. 

Thought leaders may also boast many followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Their blog posts on LinkedIn or other platforms sometimes go viral as people rush to consume their intuitions. 

There are many interesting examples of thought leaders making a difference today.  

Regan McGee

People often refer to Regan McGee, the founder of the innovative real estate marketplace Nobul, as a thought leader. Over the years, many of McGee’s predictions about the real estate industry leveraging cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence, machine learning, Big Data analytics, bots, and virtual reality, have come to pass. 

He also correctly recognized that real estate consumers wanted accurate information in real-time to make quick decisions in competitive housing markets. And his unique insights about homebuyers and sellers needing a better way to connect with reputable real estate agents helped him launch his disruptive platform. 

But besides hard work and market intelligence, the secret to Nobul’s success is also a healthy dose of compassion. 

“We truly help people with the biggest transactions of their lives,” McGee shared in a PR Newswire press release, “When you wake up every morning with the mission of helping people, and you're revolutionizing an industry worth trillions, the future is bright."

Elon Musk

You may have heard of an opinionated South African-born entrepreneur and business magnate with nearly 80 million Twitter followers named Elon Musk. Few people gave Musk a chance when he co-founded Tesla, Inc. despite already disrupting the finance industry by co-creating PayPal in 1998. Many market analysts simply didn’t see a demand for electric vehicles. 

Today, Tesla is worth over $1 trillion, becoming the sixth American company to achieve the milestone in history. 

Although Musk regularly receives criticism for some controversial opinions and bewildering stances, his followers consider him a thought leader for his interesting views on artificial intelligence, public transport, finance, and cryptocurrency. 

Musk is so influential that one of his tweets can crash stock prices, including of his own company. His tweets can also build value overnight. Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency based on a meme that started as a joke, often surges quickly with a favorable tweet from the thought leader. 

Warren Buffet 

Warren Buffett is an excellent example of a thought leader who shares insights via traditional mediums. Although Buffett has 1.7M followers on Twitter, he hasn’t tweeted in years. Instead, the 91-year-old investor, business magnate, and philanthropist appears on TV channels like CNBC to share his views.  

Buffett’s clairvoyance has helped many investors generate wealth. As chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Buffet has taken the multinational conglomerate holding company to dizzying heights. 

Warren has also taught supporters to look past financial numbers and recognize the long-term economic potential of unique companies. 

Thought leaders can inspire their followers in multiple ways, often recognizing trends before their peers and imparting priceless insights.

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