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5 Winter Content Ideas for Your Digital Signage

As winter draws near, many businesses are booming with activity. One of the things that will give you an edge over your competitors is using the right customer engagement approach. You can achieve this feat through digital signage solutions. The following are some winter digital signage content ideas you should consider employing this season.

Digital Signage

1. Reaching Customers Inside Your Store

One important part of using the right winter digital signage content ideas is guiding your customers. These digital signs are helpful to customers inside the store. For example, set up digital sign tablets at your shop’s points of sale like near cash registers and retail shelves. This enables customers to view deals they never knew existed.

Actually, static signs also achieve this effect. There are also digital tablets with touchscreens that show customers slideshows and provide details on your offerings. The tablets can request customers' email addresses and provide answers to their queries.

If you are unsure which digital signs will work for your business; you can choose from various digital signage templates. Therefore, utilize digital signs to renew your marketing strategies and develop cohesive messages. Other signs you can use in your kiosk include wayfinding digital screens, video walls, PowerPoint presentations.

2. Creative Social Walls 

One of the winter digital signage content ideas you should consider for your business is displaying content from social platforms like Instagram and Facebook. To choose the appropriate content, you might have to use a social media aggregator tool like Taggbox.

With these tools, you can aggregate user-generated content from social media platforms through handles and hashtags. Finally, you should assemble these feeds into one feed called a social media wall. A good example is creating a social wall for your campaign in real-time. You can modify this wall by adding backgrounds, themes, and font colors.

3. Share News and Customer Reviews

Digital signage isn't limited to promotions. However, another creative way of using digital signage software is to share relevant news. Customers value information and trust brands that don't merely invest in advertising.

Therefore, ensure a customer can walk into your store and derive unique nuggets of knowledge from your digital signs. Additionally, use the digital sign to share policy changes and product updates with your clients.

An important part of sharing relevant news with customers is displaying user reviews. This is a good way of building trust with potential consumers. User testimonials are the experiences of your customers related to your brand.

These reviews play an important role in influencing a consumer’s purchase decisions. Therefore, when you display them on digital signage screens, the news will influence your consumers’ buying decisions. For instance, examples of review providers include Yelp Reviews, Google Reviews, and Facebook Reviews. You can aggregate these reviews with a social media aggregator tool.

Actually, honest customer reviews highlight how your past and existing customers connected with your business. Digital signage allows you to display what improvements you can offer during the winter.

4. Holiday Content

Another winter digital signage content idea is posting holiday content. Hence, use holiday digital signage to post messages about Christmas or wish your customer a pleasant holiday and New Year. This is an important part of the customer experience. Additionally, appreciate your employees with these digital screens.

Moreover, you can use slide shows and PowerPoint illustrations to put your employees and customers in the holiday cheer mood. Remember to state the closing days for your business and the special opening hours during this time of the year.

Furthermore, use this chance to share information on special events like Christmas dinners, happy hour gatherings, and gift exchanges. All these displays will set the festive mood at work.

5. Display Promotions on Digital Menu Boards

You can use digital menu boards to display descriptions and images of food. This is an important content display if you are in the restaurant, bar, or healthcare industry. In addition, you can use it in an office cafeteria or for an event setup. This winter season, use these menu boards to display your promotions.

What's more, customers love promotional content and information about the coming holidays. To ensure your messages stand out, use other kinds of communications, like a digital signage solution. The solution helps you share your holiday specials and offers, so visitors don't miss your special offers.

Also, share your messages through digital display software, whether they concern promotional items, product rebates, or a flash sale. Additionally, when making content for a flash sale, ensure you set the day to stop sharing these messages when the promotion expires. You can manage this information in real-time and remotely, and it's an efficient way to keep your displays up to date.

In Conclusion

Digital signage is an important tool you can use to improve your brand this winter season. Consider the above winter digital signage content ideas this season.

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