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Online Converter: How to Convert Excel to PDF on PDFBear

Excel and PDF may be two different file formats used for different purposes. But they’re widely considered to be two of the most useful file formats for both work and study. PDF is mostly used for printing and sharing documents while Excel was for calculating and presenting data as well as making spreadsheets. While these two file formats are not always used together, there are instances when these two file formats interact.

Convert Excel to PDF on PDFBear

It’s because there will be situations when Excel spreadsheets have to be converted to PDF files for several reasons. This is usually when an Excel file is unable to perform as demanded by that certain situation, which makes a PDF file more appropriate for that scenario. One of the ways to convert Excel spreadsheets to PDF files is using a website like PDFBear. This article will explain the steps as well as the benefits of using this website. 

Steps in Using PDFBear to Convert Excel to PDF

The process of converting Excel to PDF is not easy, which is why there are only a few software and websites like PDFBear that exist for this task. Nonetheless, these two file formats are very important as stated earlier which is why these apps and websites exist to help people make Excel to PDF conversion easier. It is very easy to convert Excel spreadsheets to PDF files using PDFBear, and here are the steps that you could follow when using this website for the task:

1. Upload the Excel spreadsheet that you want to be converted by either clicking the “Select Files” button or by dragging and dropping the file onto the website. 

2. The website will then show you some options that you can choose as part of the conversion process. Click your preferred option.

3. After selecting your option, you may click “Convert” and wait for the website to convert your Excel spreadsheet to a PDF file. It may take a few minutes for the website to finish the conversion process. 

4. Once the conversion is finished, you may now download the converted result on your computer or mobile device. 

Once the website is loaded, you may go ahead and follow step one since you are not required to log in or even pay any subscription fee to use PDFBear. This makes PDFBear not only easy to use but very accessible as well. Nonetheless, there are many other benefits to using PDFbear to convert Excel to PDF. And it is mostly about the website’s accessibility, ease of use, and security. 

Benefits of Using PDFBear in Converting Excel to PDF

Every method of converting Excel spreadsheets to PDF files has their own advantages and disadvantages. Websites like PDFBear are no exception to this since there are many benefits in using it to convert Excel spreadsheets to PDF files. For instance, PDFBear could be used on any mobile device or computer regardless of the software version. This is because PDFBear uses a cloud-based technology in its conversion process. Furthermore, the website is also compatible with almost all web browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari for iOS and Mac devices. Therefore, you can convert Excel to PDF using PDFBear anytime and anywhere. All you need is a device with a web browser and an internet connection and you’re good to go. 

Now, using a website to convert Excel to PDF might be unsafe due to the persistent threats commonly found on the Internet like viruses and other forms of malware. While this fear is understandable, you don’t have to worry about your security and privacy when using PDFBear to convert Excel spreadsheets to PDF files, as the website deletes Excel files from its servers around an hour after using it for the conversion process. You also do not have to be concerned if your spreadsheet is in XLSX format since PDFBear converts both Excel spreadsheets in either XLS or XLSX format, and they will also have no impact on the conversion speed. 

Why Do People Convert Excel to PDF?

There are many reasons why people would need to convert Excel spreadsheets to PDF files, usually for work or for study. First, let’s review the main purposes and attributes of both Excel spreadsheets and PDF files. To start, Excel is mainly used to create spreadsheets and for presenting numerical data. You can calculate various types of data with Excel due to the various equations and functions that you can try on software like Microsoft Excel. However, it is not good for printing or sharing spreadsheets to other people using the Internet along with other file sharing methods, as the appearance of the Excel file would change when opened on a different computer or mobile device. 

This is what makes PDF different from Excel. Since PDF limits the alterations that you can do on your file in this format, the appearance and integrity of the file would remain the same, regardless of whether you open it on a different device or even a different software or app. This is one reason why this document format is used for file sharing and printing. PDF could also be used to make spreadsheets since there are some scenarios when they would need to be printed either as part of a bigger document or as a document on its own. Spreadsheets are not just for sharing or calculating data but for storing them as well. And hence, there will be instances when printing them would become necessary especially for business purposes. 


People use Excel for different situations and PDF for the same reason as well. Each of these file formats has its own features that make it unique from one another, and they are maximized when used in appropriate situations. Hence, there will be instances when an Excel spreadsheet will not be useful. This is one of the reasons why there is a need to convert Excel spreadsheets to PDF files, else the entire process will be useless. As mentioned earlier, there are many different ways to convert Excel to PDF and even vice versa. 

But if you are looking for a quick, easy, and safe way to convert your Excel spreadsheets to PDF files, then, you should definitely give PDFBear a shot! With its cloud-based technology, converting Excel to PDF only takes a few minutes and a few steps. You also don’t have to pay anything to use this website.

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