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A Detailed Comparison of Python with Node.Js

Python vs Node.JS Comparison - The Advantages and Disadvantages and Use Cases


Python is a programming language that is used for developing mobile applications, writing system scripts, web development, etc. One would want a good programming language that provides a quality app or web development environment. Node.js is an open-source run-time environment that is used for front-end and back-end development. Before starting your mobile application development life cycle, you should choose a suitable platform for development. Both Node.js and Python are used for back end or server-side development and have their cons and pros. Let us see more about Node JS & Python and compare them. 

Python Vs NodeJS

Advantages of Python


The advantages of Python are as follows:

• Python is easy to use and understand as compared to Node.js and can be used by junior developers to develop various applications and complete web development processes. Junior developers can slow down the working process if they are inexperienced or the language used is complex. Many Python frameworks also don’t require much expertise to use them.

• Python is a universal language used for a lot of things. It is one of the most used languages around the globe and has a strong community. Besides web development & mobile application development, there are a lot of use cases of Python as compared to Node.js. Python is used for ERP development, API development, etc.

• Python is an interactive language that is appropriately documented. All the Python frameworks provide a similar implementation, which is not seen in Node.js. For example, CPython is used for a variety of Python projects because of its ability to offer a similar implementation and run-time environment.

• Python is good in error handling and can detect errors in a sample code easily. One can also fix the errors quickly via Python.

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Advantages of Node.js

The advantages of Node.js are as follows:

• Node.js provides you with an event-based asynchronous programming platform through which you can make the most of the CPU. Unlike Python, Node.js is single-threaded, but the asynchronous programming helps Node.js servers in processing more equivalent requests as compared to any multi-threaded server.

• Node.js uses Chrome’s V8, which is a JavaScript engine provided by Google and offers high performance. Node.js will beat Python in terms of performance because of an embedded high-performance web assembly engine. Node.js is used to develop real-time applications due to a higher speed factor as compared to Python.

• JavaScript (JS) can be used for both front end and back-end development, and Node.js is based on JS only, so the Node.js developers are more flexible, i.e., they can work on the front end as well as back end development.

• Most of the Node.js packages are very simple and used for pre-defined purposes. This makes Node.js micro-frameworks less opinionated as compared to Python frameworks. However, a developer will have to toil hard in doing chores in Node.js as compared to Python.

• Node.js uses JavaScript, and you can share a part of the code for the front end and back end both. You do not have to learn different implementations of the same programming paradigms. JS can be used on both the front end and back end simultaneously.

• Node.js provides better libraries for the Internet of Things (IoT) as compared to Python. JS is one of the fastest-growing languages in the globe, so you will also find a large support community while working with Node.js.





Node.js is a little tough to understand as compared to Python, so the Node.js developers are more versatile and flexible. 

JS was not written very well in the beginning due to which it faces some issues with compatibility due to hazardous code writing in its previous versions. 

Documentation problems are also faced by developers sometimes in Node.js, so they have to prepare in advance before implementing Node.js in the front end or back end. 

Some projects can be better performed in Node.js while some in Python. 

It is better to analyze the requirements of your project beforehand. One can hire Node.JS developers for their project via a trusted source like Think Future Technologies.


Python is undoubtedly an excellent programming tool, but it has a few disadvantages too. 

You will not get default asynchronous programming with Python. 

Asynchronous programming in Python can be done via coroutines. 

It is also a little slower than Node.js in terms of performance. 

Python also sometimes ditches developers in memory-intensive tasks. 

Python is also said to have limitations with database access. 

These cons don’t mean that Python is not a good programming language; it is very easy to use and an interactive language that is used a lot by developers worldwide. You can also find Python developers for hire via Think Future Technologies.

Use Cases


There are plenty of use cases of Python like web development, mobile application development, scientific computing, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, fintech services, aerospace, etc.


Node.js is also used a lot for front-end and back-end development. It can also be used for API development, mobile application development, scripting & automation, real-time application or tools, etc.

Both Python and Node.js are better in their way and offer some great features for mobile application development and many other tasks. One should decide which is better technology to work on depending on their project type. The factors one should consider to choose between Python & Node.js for their project are application/project type, industry, performance criteria, the experience of developers, etc. You can look at the aforementioned plus points and use cases of both the technologies to understand the field in which they can be used. For example, if you want to develop a real-time application, opt for Node.js & if you are developing a scientific computing application, opt for Python.


According to SlashData, 8.2 million developers use Python worldwide. There are around 1.6 billion (approx.) websites on the internet, in which 95% use JavaScript. Both technologies are equally important in their respective areas. You can hire developers for Think Future Technologies and can discuss your project requirements with them. Start developing your application now!

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