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SaaS Strategies for Enhancing Customer Experience

After the unprecedented year of 2020 has passed, despite the challenges, the SaaS industry has seen some upward trend in these times. Year 2021 has begun on a positive note as the customer success industry has still continued to blossom in the previous year. Customer experience is becoming an ever more demanding aspect in the modern SaaS companies.

SaaS Strategies for Enhancing Customer Experience

As customers are getting more empowered with all the options they have, companies are innovating with various ways to enhance their customer experience strategies. As customers are getting more accustomed to the privileged experience they are gaining from the companies, their expectations are rising every year. And that demands the companies to set up higher benchmarks in providing a greater experience to the customers.

The strategies that work today will become a new normal in a year. To stay competitive, you have to keep innovating to provide much ease to the customer’s life. There’s no limit up to which you can be fully satisfied with your strategies and hence, you cannot be rest assured that those strategies would work forever.

The landscape of online experience is changing at a much faster rate. Everyday there is a new invention happening in different corners of the world. And the location democracy over digital space has made it even harder to stay abreast of the standards you follow.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t stop us from implementing what is fresh and relevant today. Keeping up to the same spirit there are few customer experience strategies we are going to discuss in this blog that can be followed by today’s SaaS companies.

But let’s first begin with understanding the importance of it all.

Why is customer experience important?

Gone are the days when customer experience was a “good-to-have” element in a business. Now, it has become the pulse of every business due to the following benefits it avails.

It ensures business longevity

In these uncertain times, businesses can no longer sustain if they don’t include their customers as a part of their community. Customer experience is useful in elevating the dynamic between two parties from just give-and-take to something much deeper. It helps in developing deeper sentiments in a customer for a brand. This sense of community that customers have by associating themselves with a brand is very useful in the long run. For it is this sentiment that keeps a business running for years and decades.

Customer advocates are your biggest asset

For any business, the end-goal with any customer is to turn them into a brand advocate. Word of mouth marketing has become such a powerful tool in today’s digitally connected world that 74% of consumers identify it as a key influencer in their purchasing decision. Ans it is not possible to turn your customers into brand advocates without a great experience they have with your brand.

Competitive advantage

The core aim for any customer experience strategy is to get your customer into a comfort zone with your product, service, and overall brand experience. When customers become habituated to your solution and service, they tend to stick to your brand for long. No doubt, your competitors would always try to lure your customers, but it is the customer experience you provide that makes them loyal to your brand.

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Strategies for enhancing customer experience in 2021

Having understood the importance of including CX in your organization, let’s now look into a few ways you can implement it to drive greater business outcomes.

Make an omnichannel presence

There are multiple channels to which different customers are comfortable with. Giving support to the customers on their most preferred channel would make their life much easier than you can ever imagine. Hence, keeping a presence on email, phone, social media platforms, chat messengers, etc. are going to be a major differentiator for you. 

The benefit of this is obvious. When you ask customers to use only a dedicated channel of your company for any communication, there is a separation you are creating between you and their personal life. But when you connect with them on their most preferred channel, you blend into their social reality and that has an immense benefit on developing relationships with them.

Real-time monitoring of consumer activity

You might have experienced this with few of the major brands that when you quit a transaction in the middle, you immediately get a call from their customer rep asking if you need any help. This is the clear example of real-time monitoring of the customer behavior. 

If you can proactively engage with the customer through the same state as they are in, imagine the level of comfort and ease you would be providing them. They would be freed from explaining the whole situation to you to get a solution. Most of the customers don’t even try that; they simply quit. But through proactive engagement on a real-time basis, you can save a huge number of sales transactions from getting scrapped. And this is applicable in every other stage as well of a customer journey.

Using AI/ML to predict and improve business outcomes

Another turn in the evolution of customer experience in this year would be deeper utilization of AL/ML technologies. With the modern AI/ML services like BigML, you can create models to predict your future outcomes. These outcomes can be anything ranging from revenue forecasting to churn prediction.

When you analyze churn through these intelligent models, you would discover the underlying patterns that are causing your customers to churn. The analysis through AI/ML services takes into account a large amount of data like chat history, support calls, customer age in the company as well as demographics, etc. Once you discover the flaw that is causing customer churn, you can improve your processes to serve customers better.

Personalization will be a key differentiator

Customer experience can never be complete until you blend personalization into it. And this year is going to see much enhancement in this aspect. Scaling is a biggest challenge when it comes to personalization because of the limited bandwidth of your workforce. 

Whereas, for a customer, they honestly don’t care if you are a million dollar or a billion-dollar company. Over 60% of the customers expect that companies send them relevant offers and discounts based on their purchase history. They always expect the best of the experience from your brand and you have to make sure that you meet their expectations. 

Hence, streamlining your processes with the help of AI/ML would be another area where you would need to work on. There has to be a good mix of both high-touch and tech-touch engagement models that you or your CSMs have to practice meeting customer needs.

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Final Thoughts

After looking at all the above strategies, one thing is clear. Technology is going to be a major contributor in providing customer experience from this year onward. Since most of the workforce, customers and partners are going to work remotely for today’s generation SaaS companies, it is going to be a digital customer experience that would be most applicable now and these companies are developing customer success software

It is far more subtle and nuanced to implement digital customer experience than to simply replicate them from physical practice. Hence, the more you are skilled in making your mark online through intellectual content, the better and longer impact you would leave on customers. And that is the new art we all are learning in this new decade. 

Where will it take us and how will it shape our digital interactions, only time will tell!

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