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Decoding Buzzword: Just-In-Time Training Support

     Your parents must have shared their childhood stories with you about how they used to wait throughout the week to watch their favourite shows every Sunday morning. As a child it must be difficult to wait for a week-long just to watch a TV show. 

    But gone are the days, when one had to wait for days, or weeks to get hold of something they wanted. Now you have Google to answer all your queries instantly, Netflix and Amazon Prime to tune into a web series or movies of your choice anytime, a smartphone to video call your friends when you are having an emotional epiphany at night, and YouTube to look for the best sandwich recipe for your kid. This means you now have access to anything or everything you want. Just-in-time support has a similar impact on employees in the corporate world. Still finding it difficult to connect the dots? Just keep reading then.

    Mindflash Training Support

    In this blog, we’ll decode the new buzzword in the eLearning market, “just-in-time training”. For your understanding, we’ve divided the blog into the following subheadings:

    A. What is just-in-time training support?

    B. What are the benefits of just-in-time training support?

    C. What are the common examples of just-in-time training support?

    So let's get started!

    A. What is just-in-time training support?

    Just-in-time training support simply means when you provide training resources to employees whenever they need them. This eliminates the waiting period as employees can get access to everything related to training at their fingertips. 

    The concept of just-in-time support originated from the manufacturing industries. These industries decided to manufacture products only when there was sufficient demand in the market to reduce wastage, and inventory costs and boost business performance. 

    Just-in-time training follows the same above rule and focuses on creating and providing training resources that are relevant and have some utility from the learner's point of view. The creation of excessive resources or courses is a waste of money, time, and energy. 

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    B. What are the benefits of just-in-time training support?

    Just-in-time learning is everywhere. The reason why just-in-time support has grown exponentially in recent years is that nobody likes to wait today. Everyone is rushing toward their goals and they don't want to sit around looking at the clock ticking. Also, time is the most precious resource of all and you just cannot allow it to go to waste. Right?

    Here are some benefits of providing just in time training support to employees:

    #1. Accessibility-

    Have you ever been through the pain of hunting down notes buried under layers of books? 

    Mobile learning and microlearning make JIT training more accessible. Hence, employees can stay in touch with recent updates.

    Mobile learning helps employees access the eLearning courses and resources using mobile devices like smartphones. This eliminates the need to sit at the work desk to complete the courses.

    Using a microlearning approach, eLearning professionals can design and generate mini eLearning resources and tiny eLearning modules. Since all the information is available in a compact and crisp form, it can be easily understood and digested.

    #2. Easy maintenance-

    Bite-sized information is easy to develop and update. It takes less time in revising small eLearning courses rather than the lengthy ones. 

    #3. Improved performance-

    JIT training provides easy and quick access to eLearning resources. Rich content (prepared using videos, podcasts, audio, animations, and infographics) makes it easy to learn new concepts and hence improves employees' performance. 

    #4. Increased knowledge retention-

    Did you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the exam thinking about the answer? 

    Well, it's an obvious thing to happen when you’re overburdened with a hell lot of information that is not just lengthy but difficult to even seep through your brain. 

    JIT training helps increase knowledge retention as it reduces information overload and provides to-the-point information to learners.

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    C. What are the common examples of just-in-time training support?

    Here are some common examples of just-in-time training support that you can leverage using an LMS. Try your hand at Mindflash for employee training.

    #1. Quick quizzes-

    Don't you think your sales representatives should check their knowledge before they go out to meet their customers and clients? Using short-duration quizzes, they can evaluate themselves last moment.

    #2. Short training video-

    Training videos are best for employees who get stuck while fixing a machine. They can use the videos to quickly see the procedure and process and work safely.

    #3. Blogs-

    Blogs provide updated information to employees just when they need it and not “just in case” they need it. Blogs can provide useful information with facts, reports, expert views, examples, and images. 

    #4. Podcasts-

    Just like podcasts on Spotify, you can create educational podcasts for employees that they can listen to at any time. Imagine how easy it would be for them to learn and cook or do something else at the same time.


    As the eLearning industry is evolving, you need to evolve your training strategies, too. After all, you wouldn't want to be left behind and see your employees walking out. Hence, you need to provide just-in-time training support to your employees and help them learn better and faster. 

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