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The Importance of Sustainable Marketing in 2022

    Sustainable marketing is not just another corporate buzzword. It is a concept that is now integral to the long-term success of any business. We live in a world where climate change is becoming a reality, not just a fear. At the time of writing this article, Spain is set to experience a “heatwave of extraordinary intensity” with temperatures in May set to exceed 42 degrees Celsius. 

    The climate crisis has made extreme temperatures one hundred times more likely to occur. To have any chance of minimizing the effects of climate change, organizations must demonstrate that they are operating in a sustainable manner and being socially responsible. Here are some examples of why all companies must truly embrace sustainable marketing.

    Sustainable Marketing

    Firstly, a definition

    Sustainable marketing can be defined as “the promotion of environmental and socially responsible products, practices, and brand values.” All organizations must be aware that their operations have an impact on the environment and society in general. By minimizing their carbon footprint, embracing large-scale recycling of their products, and being seen to operate in an ethical manner, they are demonstrating their commitment to sustainability. 

    It is of paramount importance that businesses operate sustainably for the simple fact that if the world continues on its current path, the sustainability of the planet itself will be compromised for future generations. 

    Sustainable marketing in the transport industry

    The transport sector (particularly the rail industry) is perfectly positioned to be an ambassador for sustainable marketing practices. Several rail operators now use the services of a specialist rail marketing agency to promote their sustainability agendas to the public. It is a fact that the rail networks are the most sustainable forms of mass transit, as their carbon emissions per passenger are significantly lower those of motorists traveling by car. 

    By traveling by train over long distances we are all doing our bit to cut greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to being a green form of transport, rail companies can promote sustainable practice and social responsibility in other ways. 

    Linking up with mental health organizations and promoting mental health issues on railway advertising hoardings can encourage citizens to look out for each other. Some campaigns at railway stations ask commuters to look out for people who may be struggling with anxiety or depression and encourage them to strike up a simple conversation to see if support can be offered. Such campaigns reaffirm community values and the need to offer each other help, or simply provide a friendly face in times of personal struggle.

    Sustainability affects purchase decisions

    In today’s socially and environmentally aware world, a company that actively embraces sustainable business practices and can demonstrate these clearly is likely to be a more successful company. Increasingly, the public is “voting with their wallets” and choosing to offer their custom to organizations that can clearly indicate how their products or services are sustainable. The millennial generation is a highly socially and environmentally aware subset of the public and will actively choose to buy from companies that operate in a sustainable fashion. Therefore, by promoting and embracing sustainable business practices you are effectively increasing your target market of potential customers.

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