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How to Make Videos For Your Social Media Video Marketing Strategy

Video is a powerful marketing medium that you can use to put your brand's story across. Good quality videos can impact your promotional campaigns, content marketing efforts, and social media goals.

They also serve as one of the most effective ways of connecting with people and building deeper and more satisfying relations with the target audience. Considering that 82% of all consumer traffic online in 2022 comes from video content and social media videos generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined, now is the right time to get on the social media video marketing bandwagon.

Not to mention, 87% of online marketers are using video content, and the volume of people consuming videos on their mobile phones increases by 100% every year. So, it is quite evident that a winning social media video marketing strategy will bring results for you.

Social Media Video Marketing Strategy

A few creative ways to make videos for your social media video marketing campaign are as follows:

1. Set the Right Goals for Your Social Media Video Marketing Campaign

Setting goals for your social media video marketing campaign means having a clear idea of what you want your videos to achieve. As a beginner in this field, you must work on just a few objectives to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Remember, your video marketing goals will determine the type of video you must produce and inform your future video content. If you are using videos for advertising, start on the product page of your website and then get on to a social advertisement.

If you just want to make videos for social media advertisements, highlight a specific feature of your product that addresses common problems users face and which your product can solve.

Take the example of Lo & Sons, a travel bag designer and supplier, here. This direct-to-consumer brand creates product videos that help its prospects picture themselves with the company's travel bags.

In its social media videos, the company focuses on one feature of its bag that addresses a common problem the prospects face while travelling. The company uses short and relatable videos that work on Facebook as feed posts and can even be promoted as social advertisements.

The marketing funnel features five stages, and video can fall into each stage, provided you develop your social media video marketing plan to target these stages intentionally.

Setting your video marketing objectives and determining the funnel stage can help you create effective CTAs in your content.

2. Choose the Right Platforms

There are different social media platforms offering support to different forms of videos. Some platforms like Facebook provide different varieties of videos, while others like TikTok and Snapchat depend heavily on just a single video format.

To start with, you must have a clear idea of where your audiences are. As per reports, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram are where users spend most of their time. So, choosing any of these platforms to start with your social media video marketing would be the perfect first step.

Yet another important thing to consider when choosing the right social media platform for video marketing is understanding what the different platforms offer. Also, it's important to understand the video dimensions you can display on various channels. Then, you can use a movie maker online to make good quality videos accordingly.

Since social media channels keep adding more features, you must keep track of what kind of videos you can upload and where and when you need to do a bit of editing. That's important because Facebook supports live streams, portrait and landscape feed videos, and Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter support both long-form content and short videos.

Learn from the social media video content of Bon Appetit, monthly American food and entertaining magazine. The brand uses different types of videos customised for varied platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. It is not just that the orientations for the videos are different, but even the series and the topics differ between platforms.

This diversity in video content makes the audience assured that they would find original content regardless of which Bon Appetit social media page they visit.

Cross-platform video promotions also work. You can learn from the videos of Benefit Cosmetics, a cosmetic manufacturer in San Francisco. The brand asks followers to submit makeup tutorial queries on Snapchat and answers the same on Facebook Live in its videos.

These videos have earned 33K views and directly interacted with the customers and the brand, all without lengthy and expensive video production.

3. Select the Type of Videos You Want to Create

Since there are different varieties of videos you can make for social media marketing, it becomes important for you to determine the type of video that will best suit your brand and the purpose you are looking to serve.

All videos are not the same, and that is perfectly fine. What's more crucial is that they support your marketing objectives. You can make educational videos that are highly informative and create brand recognition for new customers.

Behind-the-scene videos will give prospects a look into your company's work culture and its employees and operations. Interview videos are a good way of introducing your prospects to new influencers, thus offering more authenticity to your brand.

Testimonial videos include customer highlights, and they help create social proof for your company, while entertaining videos can be a good way of emphasising your brand voice. You can also make interactive videos to offer viewers an engaging and highly personalised experience.

Learn from Deloitte, a professional services company that used interactive videos during its recruitment campaign. The viewers experienced a day in the life of a Deloitte employee.

Throughout the video, they were challenged to overcome obstacles and solve problems related to the company's core brand values. This experience added an engaging and fun element to what could have been a boring recruitment campaign.

Remember, your social media strategy will work only when you focus on the type of videos you want to make and the ones that will fetch results for your brand.


It takes effort and time to make high-quality and high-performing videos.

Working on a good video content strategy and showing a bit of creativity can help you capitalise on the idea of creating inspirational videos that encourage individuals to go through the content and take intended actions.

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