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Everything You Need to Know About Project Management Tools

    Every company engages in projects as part of their delivery to consumers and clients. A project could be virtually anything, from a team building to a new product release. Whereas most projects can be easily planned and executed without many complications, some may require a lot more planning due to the resources and deliverables in place. Therefore a software comes in handy in helping teams plan more efficiently. Project management software seeks to provide a range of tools to ensure all critical components of planning are made easier, faster and more cost effective.

    Project Management Tools

    How do Project Management Software Work?

    Project Management Software work based on the type of tasks they have, the location they will be installed and the manner of utilization of the app. These variations not only differentiate the types of software management software and software management tools, but also indicate the location of their operations. These are:

    Premise-Based Software

    Some Project Management tools, and software like Trello Swimlanes may be installed on your computer and this restricts the application of these tools and software to your computer only. When several of such computers are connected on a network and have similar software, then a tool may be used to make the software work in tandem and this is normally what happens in most companies. However, in this digital age of cloud-based computing, some software solutions are entirely based on the cloud, and this means the software operates on any authorized computer with access logins. 

    Personalized Individual Software

    Not all Project Management Software are commercial, and some may be personalized to suite a particular individual or particular company’s needs. These project management tools and techniques may be created by the company’s own IT staff or procured from an IT company, but solely for use by a particular staff, department, or entire company. These systems are typically light and versatile enough to accommodate the changing needs of a small organization or project. 

    Open Sourced

    One software solution may not be what you are looking for and therefore versatility is key in any project management software system. This versatility only comes about through integration in APIs and that’s why open sourced software and tools are fast becoming irreplaceable in project management. Open Sourced APIs allow software developers to only pick specific aspects that work for them and leave out those that won’t ever come into use.

    Examples of Popular Project Management Software

    Not all project management tools are the same. Some may offer prioritized scheduling tools whereas others will offer higher functional AI and Document editing tools. The following examples have however emerged as the most popular and best functional for their capacity to link several utilities working at their highest output. These are:, Wrike, ConnectWise Manager, Smartsheet, Clarizen, Trello etc. One commonality in these software tools is their capacity to toggle between web-based solutions and app-based tools thereby allowing users to work online and offline without any loss in performance. These tools also feature collaboration between different service providers such as Google, Microsoft Word, Adobe Suites, and therefore make them the most versatile in the market. 

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