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How to Set Realistic Social Media Goals for Business Growth

Were you aware that the average user spends 28% of their time online on social media? Social media is the ideal place for entrepreneurs to reach people who want to engage with their businesses.

Nowadays, social media is more than just a marketing tool. It’s used to increase brand awareness and boost website traffic, but also to generate leads and foster good customer relationships.

Social Media Goals for Business Growth

When launching a social media strategy, however, businesses need to set social media goals and targets so they can stay focused and ensure that they’re driving the right results with their campaign. For instance, if your business is mainly present on Instagram, you can define goals for your Instagram growth to increase your follower count, engagement, and conversions.

Without actionable social media goals, you won’t be able to know how well your social media strategy is performing and where you need to improve to continue moving forward.

If you wish to stay motivated in a fiercely competitive world and achieve better results, we recommend setting the following sensible social media goals so you can see your business thrive.

Know Your Main Objective

The objective of your social media is connected to your social media goals, but it’s not the same as them. Your main social media objective comes much before your goals and gives direction to your social media marketing and a clear image of what it is you want to achieve.

Whether it’s B2B, service-based, or an eCommerce business you’re running, knowing your objective will pay off.

If you want to establish your brand as an influencer in your niche industry, boost your revenue numbers with the help of social media, or simply drive traffic to your website, you must know what to focus on and identify the steps that will lead you to achieve your objective.

Once you establish your core objective, use your social media goals as a roadmap. Even though your objective is broad, your social media goals will deal with the specifics.

Essentially, you need to determine your objective or else your goal setting will be out of place.

Setting SMART Social Media Goals

SMART Social Media Goals

Once you’ve set your broad objective, it’s time to outline your SMART social media goals. The SMART goal-setting method stands out from other techniques as it’s highly practical for social marketers.

SMART is an acronym for:

Specific. The goal should be simple, clear, and more defined.

Measurable. This is where you want to be able to track and measure your goal. You should have a goal that has one or more metrics.

Achievable. Ask yourself whether your goal is achievable or too far-fetched.

Realistic. Your goal should be practical and realistic with the current resources at your disposal.

Time-sensitive. Whether long-term or short-term, every goal needs a clear time frame.

Identifying Your Goal Metrics

The next thing you should do is identify the metrics to assign you your goals. As you probably know, there are KPIs and metrics tied to each goal. If, for instance, your goal is to increase brand awareness, you should pay closer attention to fan count, page and post impressions, post reach, and link clicks.

Business objectives that are defined through specific and measurable results act as a guideline for your team, setting the direction to help you achieve bigger social media goals.

Conduct a Social Media Audit

Social Media Audit

One of the most vital tasks you should take care of, even before setting your social media goals, is to establish your baseline targets. If you fail to do so, your social media marketing will be ineffective.

When you conduct a thorough social media audit, you will establish these baseline targets and make sure that each goal is laser-targeted.

Performing social media audits allows you to see how well you’re doing in terms of financial returns. Without it, you wouldn’t know what area to focus on and improve. It will provide you with a better insight into your current situation and give you a clue of how to improve your social media marketing campaign.

Build a Social Media Content Strategy

To meet your social media goals, you must impress your followers with good and useful content. You should strive to not only get more people to read the content but also share it with their followers, friends, and family.

You should aim to make your mark on the social media channel of your choice which is only possible when your content resonates with your target audience’s interests. This is known as social listening.

Final Thoughts

To achieve better business results, set sensible social media goals that are attainable and easy to measure at every step. With these tips, you’ll be able to figure out what your business truly needs and grow.

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