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How to Get More Leads For Your Diamond Business?

For most women, diamond has been the only choice when it comes to buying rings for engagements. Moreover, people all over the globe prefer to make grand gestures like a tenth anniversary, first child, or celebrate promotion by buying diamonds.  

The stone denotes purchases made on special occasions to mark its importance. Hence, it is one of the factors why diamond buying is a slow business.

Another observed aspect is diamond businesses and brands were slow to join the digital or internet world – except for Tiffany, who had a strong online presence from very early on.

Get More Leads For Diamond Business

In this read, we will discuss various methods that can help your diamond business get more leads. To be a part of the change, read on!

1. Go Online

Like all other businesses, the diamond business also needs to go online. In a routine, consumers like to go online and do all necessary research on the product and offers from the website before their purchase.

Customers usually check a few stores to find which one offers a good value for the money. They are also very keen on customer reviews. Hence, you need to work hard to make a good impression that will reflect on your reviews later on.

In stats found on Finsmes, the diamond industry is only growing in terms of online purchases. Therefore, the business must work on its online presence across multiple social media platforms.

Avenues like Instagram, Facebook, Quora, Reddit, and Google are great platforms to showcase the product. Ideally, if you run ads and create content on these platforms, you can anticipate a great return on investment with some perseverance.    

If you think you do not have the complete knowledge to work on these platforms, hire professionals. Online marketers can create ads and content to increase your brand’s visibility and reach.         

2. Know your Client

Understanding the customer and staying relevant around them is extremely important in this industry. Analyse what dominates your sales - Is it a diamond ring, diamond necklace, or diamond bracelet?

After the analysis, work on developing more designs and styles to keep your customers coming back for more. Also, a great tactic is to reach them out. Keep showing them the new designs and creations, so the clients are more inclined to purchase.

Staying in touch with the clients on their social media will also help greatly. You can also observe the life updates such as upcoming anniversaries, weddings, or childbirth. In this way, you can reach out to them with a new catalogue of designs in case they plan to buy a diamond for the occasion.  

The sales also skyrocket in particular seasons and holidays. Most people decide to elope or gift diamonds during the holidays, especially at Christmas or Valentine’s Day. 

If your clients are from the United States, Australia, Canada, or New Zealand, analyse the buying pattern for particular months. If your clients are from India or Asian countries, they tend to buy during the wedding season, midsummer, or the holiday months. 

Therefore, try to reach out to your clients during the season they are inclined to purchase.

3. Cash on Uniqueness

Every brand is unique in its ways. Similarly, the consumer is also looking for that distinctiveness among the sea of brands. A brand must analyse the element that keeps bringing the customer again and again. It can be one of many things. Such as:

Brand's quality

Customer experience

Sales tactics

Store's décor 

After-sale customer service

Offers and discounts

The luxury and stature brand denotes

Knowledge is essential – because the brand is developed around uniqueness for marketing and representation. It helps customers associate the brand with quality or originality. 

4. Train Your Salesman

A salesman who understands the client's sentiment is gold!

Buying a diamond is not a frequent occurrence. When the customer is at your store, the salesperson needs to be very careful around them. Therefore, it is important to train your salesperson to understand the customer without being pushy.

Take a note of what article caught the prolonged lingering eyes of the customer. Then, with that as a starting point, show the clients articles that may interest them. An ideal salesperson is a balance between pushy and observant.

Because sometimes, certain clients need persuasion and affirmation to make a buying decision. Meanwhile, some clients like to see all their options and decide for themselves. A great sales associate can change the way a store makes sales.

5. Stay in Competition

Another factor that helps in developing leads is keeping a check on prices. You don't want to show up as a pricey brand. The consumer is extremely informed of prices due to the internet.

Before heading to a store or buying, they check prices at various stores and competitors. If your prices are not revised according to market sentiment, it will have a negative impression on the consumer.

Hence, keep tabs on changing prices from time to time, especially the direct competitor.    

6. Hire an Influencer


Hire an Influencer

Influencers have indeed changed the dynamics of marketing a brand. Not only are they easy to work with, but also, they can offer their ideas to market the product creatively.

Many brands are on-board to work with influencers and witness the benefits. The influencers run blogs, vlogs, ads, reviews, and promotions. Moreover, they also work on creating an online presence which is an excellent factor in conversion.

You can either work with a micro or macro influencer. The only aspect you need to understand is the capability of the influencer to bring potential clients. For instance, you cannot work with an influencer who doesn't have followers interested in buying luxury products.

On the other hand, a lifestyle blogger, wedding planner, or designer is the best person to represent the brand. Depending on your budget, you can hire one or multiple influencers who have similar followers to see great conversion.

Hiring influencers is a big risk but comes with a high reward. To prevent issues from arising, you must consider an influencer that has the same values as your brand. You must also look into their background and moral compass.

This will help you align more with their audiences and have more reach.

Final Thoughts

These tactics work differently for an online store or a physical store. For example, you do not need a trained salesperson for a website but an incredible catalogue of pictures.

However, deploying some of these methods will drive great leads and sales to your diamond business. Remember whichever method you select – consistency is the key to success.

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