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Is it too late to start a Shopify store in 2021?

The eCommerce space in the last decade has witnessed tremendous growth. With each passing day more and more people are getting online for shopping; brands are creating tools to offer seamless customer experience. So, if you want to start your eCommerce journey -it’s not at all late to start a Shopify store in 2021!

Shopify store

Shopify empowers over 1 million Shopify stores globally and is growing quickly with online sellers in more than 175 countries. Additionally, more than 1 billion orders have been successfully placed and processed on the platform. What’s more- one of the most renowned platforms to create an exceptional e-store is Shopify only! And only a reliable Shopify agency can build your dream store that helps your online business to flourish. Are you looking for Shopify Development London? Get in touch with expert Shopify developers now.

Here are the top 5 reasons, backed by strong research that you need to know in 2021 to make your Shopify online store business profitable and successful!

A Mobile-friendly Website

In today's digital era, smartphones are an integral part of our life. According to a study, there are 3.5 billion smartphone users around the globe. Plus, for shopping people browse the internet space with their smart devices only!

Before making a purchase every consumer checks reviews and ratings of the website. So if your website is not mobile-friendly and laden with technical glitches –chances are the user may not shop from your store, instead, they would invest in a company that offers a seamless experience.

As an online merchant, it is imperative to check your Shopify store integration, theme, plugins, headers, images, and screen ratio is accurate to attract the right audience. For the technical aspect of Shopify, you can hire a Shopify agency to create your dream store according to your requirements.

Moreover do make sure your intended customers are getting the right information when they visit your store. Do the following:

Check for easy to load images- To get qualified customers to turn into potential buyers it is crucial to see images are clear and are of high quality. If there are any videos make sure it is getting uploaded faster!

Content Is Informative- A user will gauge the information about your services and products through clear, precise, and informative content only! Longer paragraphs can be boring and time-consuming whilst shorter paragraphs will ask the customer to stay longer!

Optimization Of Shopify Store

As previously stated, users explore the webspace for reviews, ratings, and rankings. As an online seller, it is pivotal to rank at the top of most search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo). If the ranking is at the bottom it may affect your sales, leads, and conversion. 

Furthermore, there are certain aspects to find out if the website is ranking on the search engine or not.

Relevant keywords –Keywords are the search queries users do on the search engines to find the answer. For good ranking, it is important to pay heed to keywords. Check your Shopify store is integrated with relevant and frequently searched keywords.

Content Is Engaging - The longer people scroll the e-store gets a higher ranking. Interactive, engaging, and fun content may help the brand connect with the right audience. To add, it may help the business generate revenue. Blog posts, videos, infographics, and product reviews will not only increase SEO ranking but also attract consumers.

Website Load Time - One of the top measures in ranking is speed. If a website load time is high the user may exit and make a switch. Whereas quick site loads help retain the customer as well as give a seamless user experience. 

Register Your Store with Search Engine - The first and the most crucial step for ranking is registering with leading search engines such as Google search console and Bing webmaster tool.

Plugins and Integration

The Shopify platform offers myriad plugins and integration to the seller to work with. As a seller, find the best plugin that solves your e-store problems and amplifies the store operation. No matter! You need a payment gateway plugin or marketing integration – Shopify can help you with it! For example – you want people to log in with social media channels, leave reviews, and much more are possible with customizing the plugin and Shopify integration.

Below are the tools and applications for sellers to use and enhance the customer experience

● Drop-shipping to privacy

● Smart pricing

● Sales Analytics

● Targeted emails

● Customer support

Update Inventory on Monthly Basis

As a new online merchant, you must add inventory on a monthly basis. Instead of adding the complete catalogue in one click, slow down and add close to 25-30 products on the first day. This practice is good for store optimization and ranking as Google (leading search engine for organic traffic) ranks the website that is updated regularly. 

The more your store has updated the more chances that your website will rank and may acquire organic traffic, generate sales and leads.

It is important for you to schedule the inventory, how often you want to update the store, and how many products to be updated in a day. 

Be Clear with Policies 

Vital information that most of the new online merchants forget is inculcating the return policy, terms, and conditions on the website. A customer before making a purchase will surely look for return policies and other terms and conditions to ensure if they are not happy with the products they can ask for a refund. 

Moreover, to make the website further legitimate to build the user’s trust, do add a policy section to the footer of the website. Shopify offers a set of policies; you can modify them on Shopify admin according to your business requirements. 


With the right tools, resources, and information any online merchant in 2021 can take their online business to a whole new level. Running a successful Shopify store needs time, dedication, and the right assistance. Get in touch with a reliable Shopify agency to embark on the Shopify journey!

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