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Why You Should Start Using Clear Plastic Packaging for Your Mobile Business

Through mobile businesses, entrepreneurs can bring innovative products and services to specific communities without a brick-and-mortar budget. While this exposes businesses to wider consumer bases, it comes with unique logistical challenges. First and foremost, mobile businesses need the versatility and durability of clear plastic packaging to maximize space and profits.

Clear Plastic Packaging

Clear Plastic Packaging Adds Legitimacy

Businesses run out of trucks, kiosks and tents sometimes get lumped in with roadside merchants and one-off startups. For fruit, vegetables and farmer's market treats, that's OK. However, consumers prefer to buy items such as technology, dishes and other everyday products from legitimate vendors.

Clear plastic packaging demonstrates to shoppers that you've put thought and attention into your products. According to Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman, 95% of consumers' purchasing decisions are based on emotion — how they subconsciously feel about products and businesses. When customers see products in clean, durable packaging, they might trust your mobile business more than others.

It Showcases Products

Consumers also like to see exactly what they're buying. A mobile business may have demonstration models or samples, but if customers have to open boxes to see their particular purchase, they may be less likely to buy.

With clear plastic packaging, businesses gain transparency figuratively and literally. Consumers can see the actual product and may trust that your business isn't just selling junk.

Imagine you're selling drinking glass sets from a truck or tent at a fair or food-based event. If they're packaged with insert trays wrapped in hard plastic, consumers know they aren't buying a box of broken glass. Instead of a gamble, the transaction is an informed decision.

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Different Designs Add Protection

If transparency is such a concern, then why bother with packaging at all? Brick-and-mortar stores can set up displays and leave them up until they're sold out. Mobile businesses don't have that luxury.

If you're operating from a temporary location, everything has to be packaged up at closing time. Products have to survive frequent transportation, loading and unloading. Clear plastic packaging balances durability with presentation. When paired with custom cushioned inserts, products in plastic packaging are unlikely to break.

Mobile Businesses Need To Maximize Space

For mobile businesses, time isn't money. Space is.

Consider all the reasons you decided to open a mobile business: cost-effectiveness, flexibility, marketing, et cetera. If you're not maximizing space, you're not reaping the full benefits of having a mobile business. Clear plastic packaging is vital to that.

Form-fitting plastic packaging allows mobile retailers to have more products on-hand. If your vehicle, stand or tent is littered with cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, newspaper and other admittedly cheaper packaging solutions, potential profits are limited. Every square inch is precious. Closing down for the day because you sold out early means demand is high, but if you have to leave to get more products, that demand may be gone when you return.

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Clear Plastic Packaging is Surprisingly Hassle-free

Anyone born in the 90s or before probably has some pre-conceived notions about plastic packaging. It's bulky, secured by heavy cardboard and twist-ties and requires five different tools to open. Fortunately, advances in manufacturing techniques have changed clear plastic packaging for the better.

Blister packaging, the kind associated with difficult-to-open toys, is now made with durable PVC. When affixed to a cardboard backing piece, it's attractive, informative and, most importantly, easy to open.

There's also clamshell plastic packaging, another infamously hard-to-handle type of packaging. Traditionally, clamshells required at least two or three other kinds of materials to close them securely. However, modern clamshells open and close with secure yet simple plastic buttons. Buttons are molded into clamshells, meaning they snap open and shut without scissors, knives or frustration.

It Can Be Cleaned

Another downside of plastic packaging alternatives is that once they're dirty, they stay that way. If you move to different locations throughout the day, there's a good chance you and your products are going to get more than a little dirty. Curious consumers may be excited to explore your products, but the second they see soggy, dirty packaging, they're going somewhere else.

Plastic packaging allows employees to clean products throughout the day. You worked hard to open a mobile business. Don't let a little grime tarnish your well-earned reputation.

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Plastic Stands Up to the Elements

If products are wrapped in paper or cardboard, there's nothing to protect them against the elements. Rain is inconvenient for traditional retailers, but for mobile businesses, it's a profit killer.

From transportation to storage, plastic provides all-around protection. You don't need to protect products as much when moving them from a warehouse to a vehicle. If you're stuck in the middle of a parking lot during a sudden storm, rain won't completely ruin stock.

Visible Products Drive Impulse Buys

For groceries, convenience stores and big-box retailers, impulse buys pad profits. For mobile businesses, it keeps them afloat. According to researchers, up to 87% of American shoppers indulge in impulse buys. 

Clear plastic packaging makes products more visible, meaning consumers are more likely to partake in a little retail therapy. By giving potential customers a clear view of your products, they're drawn in by curiosity and sold on quality. Social media allows mobile businesses and startups to advertise more than ever before, but ignoring the psychology of impulse buying limits profits.

Plastiform of Dallas, Texas, Offers Mobile Retailers Custom Plastic Packaging

If you're ready to improve your mobile business with clear plastic packaging, Plastiform offers custom solutions that drive sales, protect products and delight customers with accessibility. Whether you have a food truck or an exciting new mobile retail outlet, let our combined decades of experience help you beat the often grim statistics about new business success. For questions, quotes and samples, contact us today!

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