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IAMON Login - Registration at & Login

Almost everyone knows that India has been one of the most growing countries since its Independence in this digitalization era. India is becoming one of the most adapting and evolving countries by developing non-sources in various factors. 

IAMON is India’s first social media platform which application is similar to Facebook. It is also known as their chatting application, and all other features of this application are also similar. 

Here you will get to know about IAMON, a social media platform and its features and how to reset the password and other information regarding the IAMON platform.

IamON Social Media

    IAMON Indian social media plan

    It was launched in December 2018 by an Indian founder Mr Dilip Mishra, Raj Dwivedi, co-founder (Mr Parbind Singh). 

    IAMON Indian social media platform plays a major role in Digital India, and it hass become the most developed power with its technology and software. 

    IAMON helps the people in India avoid social media networks and encourage them to use IAMON social media platform, which is made in India. India has become one of the most evolving power with its technology and software in this digital life. 

    IAMON social media platform, which is made in India, plays a crucial role in digital India.

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    Features of IAMON Indian social media login

    IAMON social media platform comes with various kinds of features to make it even more interesting for the user. Some features of the IAMON Indian social media platform follows.

    • With the IAMON application, users can create their own personal or public account or group for shopping pages and a lot more.

    • With IAMON Indian social media app, users can even get medical help like blood donation for funds and can also get information about weather forecasting.

    • IAMON app can also be an advertising platform for beginners to publicize their knowledge and creativity. With these features, users can advertise their products or services to publish their knowledge and creativity on this social media platform.

    • The IAMON application users can also be able to share and receive any kind of media like images and chats and stories and albums and events and gifs etc.

    • In the IAMON application, users can upload their resumes in search of a job and also, the job providers can recruit new talent.

    • In the IAMON application, people can also search or arrange any kind of event or reminder as similar as Facebook.

    • With this application, users can also be able to find job-related information or opportunities very easily.

    • In this IAMON application, users can change their status anytime, online, offline or last seen. 

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    IAMON registration process

    To use the IAMON social media platform and access all its features, you need to register yourself via the IAMON website. When you register and log in to the website, you can access all its features and service, but you have to follow some necessary steps for IAMON registration. 

    If you want to register in this IAMON social media platform, follow the below-mentioned steps to enjoy IAMON features.

    • Initially, you have to go to the website of IAMON (, or you can just download the app from the Google play store.

    • After reaching the homepage of IAMON, you have to click on the category or create a new account which is mentioned on top of the home page.

    • Enter all the required details like your name, phone number, email id, date of birth and password, gender and profile image and reference code, if any.

    • Once you enter all your details, click on the confirm button and confirm your password by renter it.

    • Click on the sign-in button on the button of the screen, and after successful registration, you can use the IAMON website and enjoy its features.

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    Step by step IAMON login procedure

    Once you are done with your IAMON registration process, you must log in to your IAMON account. For the IAMON login procedure, follow the below-mentioned process.

    IAMON Login

    • Visit the official website of IAMON login website (, or you can also be able to open its official application.

    • Once you enter into the homepage, you have to click on the login page and enter your email ID, or your phone number with you feel while registering yourself.

    • Finally, enter the login password that you created while registering your account.

    • Once you are done with all the details on login credentials, you need to click on the row in button at the bottom of the screen.

    • After entering both the registered information, you will be login into your IAMON account.

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    IAMON Reset password

    If you forget your login credentials, like passwords, you can easily retrieve them. You reset your password on the IAMON site by following the below-mentioned steps.

    • Initially, visit the official website of IAMON on the application and click on the login page.

    • Click on the forget password option on the login page at the right bottom of the screen.

    • Now enter the required details like a phone number or mobile number and click on send password option.

    • Once you are done with this process, you will receive a reset password link in your registered phone number or email ID.

    • Click on the giving link and reset your new password.

    • After resetting your new password, you can log in to the IAMON application again.

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    Is the IAMON app safe? 

    IAMON is India’s largest social networking Indian site which is the only Indian app that exists for multiple devices like Android, IOS, and Windows phones. 

    You no need to doubt it since the IAMON application is 100% safe. IAMON is completely safe for every user, and they can easily access vote features. 

    In IAMON, users can share, receive and send messages, videos, checkIn, Gif, albums, events, photos and a lot more. 

    Note that, IAMON Indian social media app is not only limited to the mentioned process since the app is introduced with many possibilities and research to make it better and convenient. 

    With IAMON Indian social media app, it’s time to say goodbye to all non-Indian apps which can be used earlier on.

    Summing it up

    IAMON Indian social media app is one of the leading platforms that suit various features. The easy interface of the application offers the best user experience and is convenient to the users.

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