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How to Track Most Essential Instagram’s metrics In 2022

You don’t need robust analytics, management, and scheduling tool if you are a casual Instagram user; in this scenario, a massive following isn’t something you are yearning for. The same goes for non-commercially minded influencers as they do not need tools to track followers they casually post. On the other hand, influencers and brands should keep a vigilant eye on the Instagram account’s growth and revamp the strategies timely to get most of it. Here we present the article briefing about the Best Instagram tools to track your performance. 

instagram metrics

Essential Instagram metrics to measure performance

We don’t suggest digging into every Instagram metric; however, there are some crucial metrics that you must keep a hawk’s eyes on to determine the results of your efforts. 

1. Engagement per follower:  

It is one of the essential metrics that we urge every brand should be vigilant to have eyes on. 

2. Followers growth: 

The metric sheds light on how’s your content performing or are you doing right. 

3. Comments received: 

This will tell how engaging your content is; it is undoubtedly crucial while evaluating performance. 

4. Most engaged hashtags: 

Hashtags are vital when it comes to maintaining the proper momentum of your content. You need to track the list of hashtags that bring more followers or engagements to your account.  

5. Referral traffic: 

The metric shows how much traffic Instagram brings to your website. It basically indicates the number of people who come to your domain from other sites. 

Best Tools to Track Instagram followers 

Instagram followers depict how large is your online community. Naturally, companies are inclined to buying Instagram followers UK, a hallmark of their terrific work. Some fantastic tools help businessss track followers, both paid and organic. There are various tools available in the market that helps businesses measure the growth of their social media handles over time. However, we have created a list of tools that help track Instagram followers quite effortlessly. 

Social Blade 

Have you ever heard about the social blade? This Instagram growth tool provides a wealth of stats from a public account; you are unlikely to find any information if the account is in private mode. Social blade enables access to some exciting charts like the most followed account on Instagram. In addition, they claim to use the new Instagram API to get exclusive information on Instagram business or creator accounts.

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Iconsquare is available in both versions free as well as in paid. The tool is one of the best ways to track the growth of an Instagram handle. The free tool also comes up with great incentives, like enabling users to audit their Instagram account quickly. They need to connect with the tool and enter the email address. The in-depth guide will highlight the strengths and weaknesses. You also get tips on audience engagement, account strategy, audience peak time and content strategy that can help you outshine competitors. 

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Instagram insights

Instagram accounts that are shifted to business or creators account will have access to Instagram insights. It is a free and native tool providing tons of valuable information to users. The tool includes information related to followers demographics, exclusive data for each post or a particular story. For example, on the top of the Instagram insight page, your total number of followers and how many you’ve gained in seven days will be highlighted. In addition, there’s a summary about followers demographics, gender, age, online times, and top locations if you scroll down. Additionally, those who pay for Instagram ads will have a separate section called ‘Ad manager’ where they can see the performance stats of their ads. 

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Owlmetrics is another fantastic tool that one must use to track the real-time performance of their account. It pulls all the critical data in a minute and presents it in its easy to read dashboard. The tool is convenient when it comes to building or amending the content strategy as it provides information about your most engaging photos, filters or tags that bring more interaction. With Owlmetrics, you can also figure out the best time to post to boost engagement stats. In addition, it provides details where most followers spend their time, total clicks, clicks that are referred from other sites and much more to have an informative and in-depth insight about your Instagram account performance. 

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Wrapping up

You often end up spending hours planning and creating Instagram content. Every influencer and brand wants to win over new followers, and for that, they track the timely performance of their Instagram account as it is a key for success, and one should always track the performance of their accounts over time. The article has enlisted details on why one should use these tools and the top tool to track the growth of your followers. 

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