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Best Enterprise Mobility Management Solution: Top 10 Services

Management of mobile apps and devices has to be a challenge that is faced by a lot of organizations these days. The reason is that the number of data security breaches have grown subsequently over the past few years. Many of which were the results of loss or security breaches. As a result why IT managers need to find several ways to manage the devices.

One technology that tends to evolve to address mobile security, access and control is enterprise mobility management (EMM) 

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) is an all-encompassing approach that helps in securing and enabling the employee to use smartphones and mobile devices. EMM software also intends to prevent unauthorized access to enterprise application with corporate data on mobile devices. 

Thus, bringing a complete revolution in the whole scenario of mobile management here we have introduced our audience with top Enterprise Mobility Management Solution and the key service that they would contribute in the entire journey. 

Some Top Business Enterprise Mobility Management Solution

For all the Mobile App Development Company that desire to go down this path here are some of the most amazing Business Enterprise Mobility Management Solution for you:

1. Jamp Pro

Jamp Pro tends to manage Apple devices in the enterprise. It tends to offer zero-touch deployment with workflows to be a drop-shipped. All the configurations are automatic when the devices are to be drop shipped. Configuration devices tend to deliver key management payloads for the management of one or more devices, a group of devices and all devices. Jamp Pro manages to support Apple’s first-party security functionalities for tracking device location and creation when the device is missing for all Android App Development Company and iOS company. 

2. VMware Workspace One

Workspace One tends to manage the entire lifecycle of the mobile, desktop and even the rugged and IoT devices across all the major operating systems in a single management console. It tends to deliver secure access to the cloud, mobile, web and also to virtual windows app through a single catalogue and a consumer simple sign-on experience.

Workspace one tends to protect corporate apps and data that is there to utilize a layered as well as a comprehensive security approach that tends to encompass the users’ endpoint, app, data and network. The app tends to optimize the desktop OS lifecycle management for a mobile workspace. Believe it or not but the Workspace One the console is a single, web-based resource that helps in providing a quick addition to the devices and users to the fleet. It handles the profiles, distributes apps and configures the system settings. All the account that is there alongside the system’s settings is unique to each customer.

3. IBM MaaS360 with Watson 

Before you Hire Mobile App Developer to know about some important services. IBM MaaS360 is the operating system based policies for all the devices that factors including Windows, iOS, macOS, Android and Chrome OS. These are the policies that include manufacturer API’s to control the hardware of the device and the software. The API’s, integration and partnership allows everything starting from app approval and a sense of delivery to the threat and other risk opportunities. 

MaaS360 is powered up by Watson, reports on all device types tend to present the user with out-of-date OSes, potential vulnerabilities and many separate risks and opportunities.

4. Mobilelron

Mobilelron was founded in the year 2007 and thus it is publicly traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol MOBL from the year 2014. Mobilelron tends to offer the EMM platform in the collection of three ( silver, gold and platinum) with each level offering a different level of features. 

The EMM silver is the bundle that tends to offer Core Central administrative console, Sentry secure enterprise gateway and Apps@Work enterprise app store.

Whereas the EMM Gold allows the user to add Email+ secure email, Docs@work with secure access control for enterprise content repositories Web@work secure web browser, and AppConnect secure app container.

When it comes to EMM platinum, the whole scene tends to add Help@work help desk tools, tunnel secure that is per-app VPN, Monitoring of the performance, and the service connects integration. 

5. Managing BYOD

This is the scenario where identity tools are found within the platform gatekeep corporate data by comprehending and allowing full control. Before you Hire iPhone App Developer makes sure you are aware of this management. The users are permitted to obtain specific data and from which the devices are introduced. At the same time, Trusteer investigates to guarantee that enrolled personal devices are not conducting any malware. Wandera examines for network, app and device-level warnings such as phishing and crypto-jacking.

MaaS360 tends to integrate with Android Profile Owner (PO) mode to surrender a safe workplace to user-owned Android devices if the receptacle is not the go-to approach. MaaS360 also includes privacy tools to restrict the amount of individually identifiable information (PII) collectable from a particular device. 

MaaS360 does not typically accumulate PII (such as name, username, password, email, photos and call logs). It does trail location and apps installed, both of which can be blinded for personal devices.

6. Tech Endeavour

Mobile technologies set innovative resolutions with enormous enterprises to support modern business with enhanced production and sale. When the user likes to make the business flourish, it is essential to make an excellent business mobility resolution based on the requirements. Mobility Opportunity Assessment (MOA) method includes the EM3 Model that are implemented based on the various choices to classify enterprises with void, intermediate, exploratory, and expert operations based on current mobility difficulty. Tech Endeavour improves the business to change the industry towards the future with building the perfect future-proof business with constant changes.

7. Blackberry

Formerly known as Research in Motion, Blackberry is known for its eponymous smartphone device. In the present era blackberry is mostly a software company with one of the core element being EMM. The technology gained through the acquisition of MDM vendor Good technology. Good Technology was one of the earliest pioneers of MDM. Although blackberry has continued to support the original good technology MDM, it has increasingly been pushing customers to move to expanded Blackberry EMM platform. 

If you want to Hire App Developer for this then make sure of the uses. Blackberry now bundles its EMM platform in a number of different ways to meet specific use-cases, collaboration (rich and easy collaboration), Enterprise ( secure productivity) and content ( document security) editions. 

8. SAP

SAP might look like an unlikely entrant into the EMM field, but it has always focused on enterprise software that provides business software solutions thus EMM is a natural progression for it. In its effort to bring the other enterprise software to the mobile devices, SAP tends to transition into EMM that help the business maintain the app and data security for the environment as well. It is an EMM that tends to incorporate safety for the devices, applications, and even the data that is there on iOS, Android, Windows phone, Blackberry, and Windows desktop and even the server operating systems. SAP manages to feature a self-service portal, easy enrollment, and AD/LDAP integration for the authentication of users. 

9. Tangoe

Tangoe is one of the leading providers of the connection lifecycle management software and services that have a wide range of global enterprises with all the service provider. With the flagship, product Matrix is considered as one of the on-demand software suites that manage enterprise communication lifecycle. For EMM, Tangoe tends to offer MatrixMobile that handles MDM, mobile support, all the mobile device logistics, management of mobile telecom expense, and much more.

10. VMware AirWatch 

VMware is well-known for the server virtualization technologies that majorly plays in the EMM space. VMware has been active in EMM  since the year 2014 where it acquired Atlanta based AirWatch for around $1.54 billion. 5The AirWatch that was founded in the year 2003 and that is according to VMware is utilized today for more than 16,000 organizations that are around the world. VMware managed to uphold AirWatch in the area of five different suites, it tends to include the entry-level green starting at $4.33 per device/month and then raising up to the top-end yellow suit, which presents them a complete EMM for $9.33 per device/month.

In the Nutshell

We hope that this directory of enterprise mobile device management vendors, lead management software, tools and Enterprise Mobile App Development includes organization review that tends to link up the social media, contact information and many such things. 

If the user has any kind to doubts regarding the following article then they can write down there doubts on the comment section below. Our experts are going to provide the necessary aid and solutions to all your doubts. 

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