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WorkinTool Image Converter Ultimate Reviews in 2023


    In daily office and life, we inevitably need to cope with several images, such as editing photos and posting them to social media, making images as PPT material, sending pictures to other platforms, etc. If you often have to make and edit images, an image editing tool with comprehensive solutions is necessary. Below is an ultimate review of an intuitive image converter software, WorkinTool Image Converter. We have tested it on various dimensions, including product features, price, compatibility, program security, etc. After the multidimensional test, we have to say that it is one of the best free image converters compared to others in this field. You can refer to the following description and determine whether to select it as your photo processor.  

    Things to Know about WorkinTool Image Converter

    WorkinTool Image Converter is an all-featured photo processing software for Windows. It plays the role of a photo format converter and photo editor. One thing we like about this option is that it is entirely free to use with no additional restrictions. You can use it to convert photos to plentiful image formats, change photo backgrounds, and edit photos with effects, filters, stickers, texts, brushes, etc. It also lets you experience special photo effects, like changing gender, youthening yourself, cartoonizing photos, etc. Apart from its multi-functions, it is friendly to beginners in editing photos. It offers a concise and easy-to-navigate user interface, helping new users quickly target the feature they need. 

    Nothing is perfect; this software is no exception. Its desktop is only suitable for the Windows system right now. Fortunately, it also gives other users a chance to access its features with an online image converter. It is feasible to download the desktop software or have a trial of the online tool from the WorkinTool official site. 





    + Supports the conversion among numerous image formats


    + Easy and fast to edit pictures


    + Totally free to edit photos without watermarks


    + Various photo special effects to select


    + High security of the uploaded files


    + Online version available



    - Desktop version available for Windows only


    - Some features have limits on image formats

    Price & Plans

    New to the field, WorkinTool provides a long-term free trial for all its users. Whether to convert the image format or to post-edit photos, it won’t cost any penny. 


    The desktop WorkinTool Image Converter is compatible with the Windows system only. For users on other platforms, WorkinTool also explores an online image converter to access. The online version is not short of critical features. But there may be several limits on the uploaded file size. 

    Program Security

    WorkinTool has over ten years of experience in developing office-related software. It guarantees your privacy. After you save the edited file to your computer, it will directly remove the uploaded file from its server, promising not to preserve and send any of your private files.  It is highly recommended that you download and install the program from the official website to avoid downloading viruses and other malicious embedded programs. 

    What Can WorkinTool Image Converter Do for You

    As mentioned above, this powerful image converter allows you to access various photo processing tools without cost. Primarily, it can do the following edits of a picture. Check its detailed features below: 

    👉 Convert Image Formats

    Image format converting is one of the most prominent features of WorkinTool Image Converter. It almost satisfies all your requirements when converting a picture to other formats. On the one hand, it supports inputting and outputting plentiful image formats. On the other hand, it permits you to batch-operate multiple images simultaneously and provides a rapid converting speed. Even you can use it to convert photos to PDFs and vice versa. Most significantly, it leads to a great converting result without losing the quality and clarity of the original file. 

    Input Format: JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, WEBP, PDF, GIC, TIFF, and more.

    Output Format: JPG, PNG, BMP, WEBP, GIF, PDF, TIF, AVIF, and more.

    Convert Image Formats

    👉 Change Image Background

    Another outstanding feature of it is to change the photo background. To do so, you can replace the cluttered image background, make ID photos, etc. After importing the photo, it will automatically help you cut out the figure or object from the background and provide you with multiple default backgrounds. Surprisingly, you can also upload your image as a background. It is effortless to fulfill that. Just import your photo into the Matting toolbox. Then it will help you remove the background smoothly and intelligently.

    Change Image Background

    👉 Edit Photos as You Wish

    WorkinTool Image Converter also lets you make fantastic designs for your photo. With its helpful editing tools, you can effortlessly add filters, text, and funny stickers to your picture. Moreover, you can also adjust the brightness, sharpness, saturation, and exposure as a master. Cropping, removing watermarks, adding personal logos, etc., are also available in this powerful photo editor. 

    Edit Photos


    Summing Up

    After trying all features of WorkinTool Image Converter, we will put it on the recommended list of photo editing tools. This software is free, multifunctional, easy to operate, and safe to use. It is one of your best options if you just enter the photo editing and converting world. 

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