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How to Make iPhone Games - Digital Engine Land

    How To Make iPhone Games: Where to Start, What to Learn and Tools to Use

    how to make iPhone games

    Neil Ferguson, the developer of Virus Strike, believes that anyone can create a game, including a game for the iPhone. He developed the iOS app with zero budget, having no programming experience with iPhones. It is not easy, but the creation will be successful if you have the necessary skills.

    Of course, Neil is an experienced specialist, and his experience helped to make Virus Strike, but he believes that you can be a computer scientist to complete the task. It is enough to master the necessary skills, and any project can succeed if it is unique and interesting. This article will introduce you to the development process and help you figure out how to make an iPhone app game.

    We will give you a little spoiler. To develop a game for iPhones, it is enough to know two basic aspects - the programming language and Apple policy. Well, now let's move on to more detailed information.

    Learn the Basic Part and Make a Game for iPhone

    You need to know quite a lot to learn programming in general and especially for iOS. Mathematics, logic, algorithms, and data structures may not be useful initially, but they will be needed later. It is also optional to know the architecture of computers and mobile devices perfectly. Still, it is highly desirable to understand the basics of computer science (calculus systems, the speed of programs, and the efficiency of algorithms).

    One of the tools for developing 2D and 3D applications and the Unity iOS game engine. With its help, applications are created for Windows and OS X, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. In addition, the engine is used on the PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Wii, and others. The Unity iOS games are easy to customize and the platform has several different windows, making it possible to debug the game.

    Platforms and Tools For Creating Mobile Games

    In addition to Unity, many good platforms can also be useful for the iPhone game development company:

    ● GameMaker

    ● Using Stencyl

    ● LiveCode

    ● Cocos 2D

    ● Kobold 2D

    ● PhoneGap

    ● Marmalade SDK

    ● AppCelerator

    If you are not an experienced programmer, there are special virtual libraries especially for you (for example, GameSalad) that allow you to create an idea without programming knowledge and are specially designed for iOS.

    Apple's policy on app downloads in the App Store

    The strict requirements of the corporation have repeatedly forced developers to change their approach to creating products. To avoid wasting your time, check out Apple's guidelines for downloading apps from the App Store. In addition, it's worth checking out a list of common reasons moderators reject apps. This includes crashes, broken links, false advertising, and incomplete user information. Political and adult content may also be blocked.

    Developers often scold Apple for its lack of flexibility. Endless lists of requirements create problems for them, but users get better and more secure applications. Not safe, of course, but the Apple store does not have as much malware as Google Play. Most importantly, the AppStore audience is much more willing to part with money, so an iOS app is much easier to monetize.

    In addition to the requirements for technical details, there is a set of recommendations for appearance. Of course, conforming applications to the same standard does not always mean good art design. Companies often spend quite a lot of time on the legal aspect and experience problems over time, especially when it comes to creating the visual part of the game: splash art, promo and advertising art, character design and concept, interface, etc. 

    If you are not personally a designer or artist, you can entrust the main development to someone more experienced. You can create an order on the freelance exchange or contact an outsourcing company. The main thing to remember is that a detailed description of the expected result will increase the likelihood of getting what you want. Outsourcing teams often come to the rescue, like RSG artists, who help developers fully automate the process and deal with other areas of Unity iPhone games.


    It is not necessary to think that creating games for iOS is difficult, but it cannot be called an easy task either. To begin with, you always need theory and relevant knowledge. Fortunately, everything is simple. For example, Unity is a relatively easy language, and it is much better to learn than company policy ;).

    As a final piece of advice, Apple is quite conservative in its app review process, so it will be rejected if you do something risky. Also, Apple won't let iOS game development company integrate third-party libraries into the game - learn how to use the existing development tools.

    We hope you don't have any questions about how to make an iPhone app game.The main thing is to maintain self-confidence and, having set a goal, move towards a promising project in the mobile gaming world. Success doesn't come to you. You go to it. Good luck!

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