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Best Xbox One games that you can play on Android

There are several different games to play on numerous different platforms. A ton of them is only played on specific platforms. Xbox has been one of the biggest gaming platforms where users can enjoy playing tons of different games. Now, the biggest news is that Microsoft announced that they will be releasing an Xbox app which will also be available on Android phones. The app will feature a ton of different things for users. One of the best elements that it will allow users to do is stream games from their Xbox One console to their android device. 

As this is great news for Android users, there are tons of free games that they can easily play. Now, you can also add a controller to your phone which will give you a great experience while playing games. All of these elements are optional because the app is released on Android. There are some games that you will not be able to catch on the app. However, there are varieties of other options as well that you can use, and here are some of them. 

1). Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night 



Bloodstained has a long story which makes the game brilliant. If you long games that have a background story that goes long back then you will love this game. The game contains 3D models as well which contain other elements as well such as outfits and environments. Hence, it adds a supernatural experience while you are playing the game. However, the combats of this game are all in 2D which makes it the best. 

2). Family friendly 


Family friendly

It is now a fact that if you want to keep your child distracted then giving it games will work in an instant. Hence, Family Friends is more of a child-friendly game. You and your kids will love this game. The best thing about this is that you will be able to find a ton of other short games within it. Hence, your children will have more to choose from and all of them are the best for their age. These games have content that is the best fit for children. One of the best games to play within Family Friends is Cities: Skylines which is also supported by the Xbox One edition and other editions. 

3). Shooters 



One of the most popular games that people play is shooting games. No matter what they are, they are famous and will always be on top of the list. Hence, now you can play Shooters on your Android phone by connecting it with your Xbox One console. There are numerous other types of Shooter games such as Call Of Duty. However, some people might not be able to find it on the list because of the updates and versions. One of the popular Shooting games you will be able to find is the Gears of War franchise and a ton of others in the Halo series. 

4). Fighters and Brawlers

Fighters and Brawlers

A list of games is not complete without action games such as fighting. These are popular as well amongst children. Hence, you will be able to find a ton under this list as well such as Mortal Kombat X, Killer instinct: Definitive Edition as well as Streets of Range 4. All of these will be listed when you search for games as such. You will also be able to come across numerous others. Games like these do not have such a long backstory and they are cut right to the part. However, you might find a ton of different ones as well.

5). Strategy 

Strategy games always come with unique backstories and they will always test your mind as well as patience. These games mainly have options that you choose that make your own story. Hence, your choices have a great impact on the game because you will be choosing your own story. However, you will still be able to enjoy the game because of what it will offer. Hence, if you are calm and if u fancy such games then you will be able to get a hold of the tone of them such as Battle Chasers: Night War, Dungeon Of The Endless, and Gear Tactics. 

6). Action and Adventure 

Action and Adventure are one of the best themes for games. These are played the most by all ages and the majority of them love it. The reason why games as such are connected with all ages is because of the story. It is fit for everyone to play and it contains the right about of adventure to have fun while playing. This is also one of the largest gaming themes out there. Under this, you will be able to find games such as A Plague Tale, Batman: Arkham Knight, and numerous others. 

The gaming industry has experienced phenomenal growth over the last decade. Companies such as EA, Activision, Ubisoft, etc., are known for their games across multiple platforms. But are these companies really good at developing games or simply take advantage of low-cost labor from countries such as India?

Game development is very complex, requiring talent, experience and creativity. Games require a unique mix of artistic flair, technical skill, programming expertise, design skills, marketing savvy and financial resources.

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