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Use Software Testing Strategies To Raise Visitors And Sales

    Usually, software testing is carried out before the launch of the project. Sometimes this is done after adding some innovations to the site, but not always. And then it ceases to be practiced. It is a big mistake because it can lead to the fact that the project does not develop properly, and errors occur due to an increase in the number of users. If you give the right software testing strategy, you will notice that the business will begin to develop better.

    How can software affect business development?

    Now, to attract the attention of users and buyers, you must offer a high-quality product. The fact is that many market segments are overflowing with various offers, where the demand is not so great. In this abundance, a person chooses only the product that provides quality services and goods and fully meets the requirements.

    To maintain the level and provide high-quality services, it is necessary to test the software regularly. To grow a business, you must introduce various changes. When applying them, it is necessary to make some edits to the software. The introduction of new modules may block the regular operation of the entire site or mobile application. To prevent this, it is necessary to conduct various checks regularly.

    With the advent of a large number of users, the load on the servers increases. They begin to break down at some point, and there are significant failures in work, which scares away customers. Even those users who are used to using your services may refuse to cooperate. Especially if you have an ecommerce website and you sell goods and your income directly depends on the site visitors. The testing performed by TestFort can identify various bugs, anticipate overloads, and suggest solutions to fix them.

    In the business world, image plays a significant role. Testing allows you to maintain a good reputation as a quality service provider for your company or startup.

    Tips for building the right software testing strategy

    There are several strategies for conducting testing strategies. You can choose one of them or create your own based on them.

    # Align your QA strategy to your business goals

    It is essential to understand what business goals you pursue and how your product corresponds to them. Will you be able to use it to achieve those indicators that were originally stated in the business plans? If yes, then you can think about how it can be improved, and if not, what actions need to be taken to change it. Quality control should be carried out regularly.

    QA strategy

    # Create a detailed test plan

    For the testing strategy to be carried out correctly, it is necessary to draw up appropriate documentation. It should include:

    Quality management plan;

    Testing strategy;

    Test plan;

    Test case.

    These documents should contain the essence of the testing process, what goals you need to achieve and what strategies you plan to use.

    # Create a typical atmosphere for the work of the QA team

    Many business owners forget that it is necessary to create good working conditions for their wards. For the QA team to be able to perform their work qualitatively, it is essential to:

    ● Clear distribution of responsibilities;

    ● Involvement of the QA team in software development;

    ● Regular improvement of the level of knowledge, as well as consultations on the business aspects of the project;

    ● Open communication with the customer.

    First, and probably most important, is to let employees know what goals need to be achieved, what work to do, and what time frame. It is also desirable to develop specific reporting requirements, such as what tools were used to check the quality and what results were achieved.

    # UX testing

    For your product to be popular, it is necessary that ordinary users like it. Customers must receive certain services and understand how to use the interface.

    To check this, the QA team can modulate the behavior of a regular user:

    Go to the site.

    Check the operation of all buttons.

    Check if embedded advertising interferes and more.

    It is also desirable to involve a third party viewing the site or program. It will allow you to get a fresh look and understand how an ordinary user perceives the project.

    If your project has been running for a long time, you can ask your audience for help. You can survey whether they like the interface, how easy it is to find the information or service they need, and whether they are satisfied with the quality of the services provided. You can also make a point where users can write their wishes. It will help you understand how users like your product and what they suggest to improve.

    If your team can adequately process the information received, you will constantly improve the product.

    # Code quality measurements


    Code quality measurements

    You need to understand how your code works. To check, it is best to use particular tools. The following indicators should be taken into account in the analysis:

    ● Security. Cracking your code to get information about customers, withdraw money, or do other purposes is possible.

    Efficiency. Allows you to understand whether your product fulfills its stated goals.

    ● Reliability. How stable is the software? Are there any crashes, slowdowns, and other problems?

    ● Maintainability. It can be measured based on how many lines there are in the code and how simple or difficult it is to find a given string and modify it.

    Typically, code quality checks are performed using automated testing. It uses special programs to modulate a hacker attack, system overload, etc. It allows you to understand how the system can cope with extreme situations.


    Your project can attract the attention of users not so much with advertising as with a quality product. If people visit your site or use the program and are not satisfied, they will not use it further but will also tell their friends or colleagues about the negative experience. In this case, even after correcting errors, you will likely attract many customers if reduced to zero. If you develop the right software testing strategy, you can prevent problems in advance, which means you can offer a quality product.

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