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Is Consumer Non-durables a Good Career Path?

    A great career starts with the mix of aptitude and interest that gives spark to an individual to excel in the aspects of his/her life. With the unsurpassable growth of population and demands of the public sector, a scope for exploration remains inevitable in the non durable goods segment.

    Undoubtedly, the nondurable wares will eventually be demanded more when there happens to be an increase in the number of consumers. For a successful career there has to be some knowledge acquired before stepping into the consumer good domain of the market.  

    Let us study each corner with a lot of detail to be sure of every leap towards our future.

    Is Consumer Non-durables a Good Career Path

    What are Consumer Non-durables?

    Consumer non-durables, as the name indicates, are commodities that are perishable and do not last longer. They ought to be consumed at a faster rate. For example - food, oil, electricity fed wares, etc. 

    For their tiny lifespan and high demand for being constantly replenished, industries involved in the production of the non durable goods tend to hire seasoned and new learners for meeting the ends of the consumer demands. 

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    How can Consumer Non-durables be a great Career Path?

    The unbeatable need for non durable commodities gradually gives rise to the need of more hands into the production house. Manpower is a large requirement for producing more materials into the market for seamless consumption. 

    Here are some reasons why Consumer Non-durables a Good Career Path and have a futuristic approach imbibed within its working plan.

    1. Job Opportunities in the Consumer Goods Career Path

    The non durable consumer goods are also called the Fast Moving Consumer Goods. They are called so for their limited shelf life and comparatively higher demand in the market than the durable products 

    The top industrial sectors of the FMCG furnish several hiring opportunities to the newbies. The highest salary paying companies are Procter and Gamble, Cadbury, et cetera.

    The scope for expanding your career in the consumer non-durables are quite high. They not only give you a higher chance of getting started into the work of consumer handling but also allows you to use your brains in several domains as opted by you like -




    Sales management


    Advertisement and endurance


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    2. Easy to Learn And Adapt 

    With the acquisition and implementation of the accurate skill set, an individual is bound to excel in the field of consumer related domain. A constant strive for betterment makes everyone great and unbeatable in their diverse skill sets.

    Consumer dynamics being easy to comprehend and commence with rigorous study, will definitely allow one to be better and faster.

    For people from science background like in engineering, can help in the product designing, packaging material quality, types of packaging, etc. Those with good interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence can be great at employee management, sales development, training, conducting surveys from the public domain, drawing inferences from the accumulated data, and many more.

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    3. Help from the Credentials 

    There are validated and reliable courses aiding the process of knowledge acquisition by an individual. Bachelor's and Master's Degree in retail management courses, marketing and sales management courses can help you acquire reliable knowledge from respected institutions along with the accumulation of valued credentials.

    Sometimes Institutions tend to conduct campus placements inviting big companies to visit their campuses for hiring learners who possess the potential they are looking for.

    But, the lack of credentials won't hinder your process of progression in the career. The interviewers witness the inhibited and manifested skills more than the remarks imprinted on your certificates. 

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    4. A scope for Research and Development

    The management of perishable commodities call for keen attention and sharp comprehension of the differing requirements.  Each industry requires separate materials for cleaning, processing, canning, sales and many more. 

    A thorough research and development procedure can nourish the firm with the opportunity of producing and selling the best products and services in the market. Eventually, increasing the importance of your contribution and validating your necessity in the industry. 

    5. Suitable Job Sector 

    Gauging the several departmental requirements, an individual can vest his/her skills and potential in a plethora of job sectors like project management, project assistant, product developer, product designer, quality checker, etc. 

    Now with the digitalization era, online marketing has evolved in an unbeatable way. So, here also comes the need of an expertised head to regulate and guide the process of framing online marketing strategies. As the technical advancement soars the skies, there will also be an expansion in the job opportunities of the new learners. 

    6. Opportunities Outlook 

    As this is an advancing sector of the market, whether a developing or a developed industry both require learned and trained executive heads to nail the bigger and stronger positions within the firm. A constant evaluation of the top performing employees and their further training can contribute towards the wider distribution and recognition of the brand.

    Alongside the development of the industry, there comes ample scopes for the individual. For your excelling qualities you can even be employed abroad into the other branches of the multinational company you are serving in your country. 

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    7. Healthy Payrolls and Remuneration Structure

    The industries involved in the production and distribution of the non durable goods into the public domain, are often known to be the top doers of the business sector. Depending upon their product type they create regulated sales catering to the requirements of the consumers.

    This being the reason behind their hefty earning and eventually average to high pay scale of the employees serving in the various departments of the firm. For example - PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Cadbury are all known to be paying higher remunerations in the field of non durable consumer goods production. 

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    Merits of Working with Non Durable Consumer Goods  

    There are several advantages of serving in the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector of the business. Some of them are listed below - 

    ● A Cyclic Model of Production and Distribution

    The need and demand for non durables are never ending. The demands might differ between the rural and urban areas but there has to be a consistent requirement of the commodities amongst the public domain. This would certainly create a much stable job that levies an ever growing model of the business. 

    ● A Healthy Work Environment

    Industries in this sector create a clarity and transparency in the role to be commenced and contributed to by every employee. This gradually promotes harmonious working with greater tranquility within the workforce. 

    ● A Consistent Record Of Performance 

    Before serving into any industry you ought to gauge their record of performance over the years. Leading industries are known to be performing well over a longer time horizon. They tend to create amicable bonds with their employees and treat them with love and compassion.


    ● Several Benefits from the Companies

    Companies provide their employees with several benefits like health and life insurance, after retirement plan, dental insurance, etc. 

    Apart from the physical health related benefits, the healthy working environment of the company helps in promoting better emotional and mental health of the individual. They support healthy competition within the workforce to make each employee recognise their embedded abilities. 

    Also, serving in a renowned institution would certainly bring in international fame to the top performing employees. What else does a hardworking employee want apart from their contributions receiving recognition? 

    ● Contributions from Across The Globe 

    Companies encourage the inculcation of ideologies and contributions in the form of manual dealings or opinions gathered through conferences from all across the globe. This helps in creating a culturally unbiased environment that would help understanding the customers or understanding the employee notions and certainly the customers perspective from all corners of the world. 

    Every industry strives towards meeting the diversified requirements by providing top quality productions. This would only be possible once they know what could be the probable needs of the potential buyers. 

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    To connect diversely and examine your potentials the best way possible, you might scrutinize every aspect of your success rate into this career path. One has to be sure of their expectations from the job and their capabilities of standing into them.

    A career path in the non-durable consumer goods is undoubtedly in possession of a brighter future. Highlight your goals and the company's objectives to point out the commonness between the two helping you serve better with clarity in direction. 

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