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10 Questions You Need To Answer For Your Small Business Social Media Strategy In 2022

We all want to know what makes a business successful and one way of finding out is by asking those who have successfully built their businesses.

Social Media Strategy

Question 1: Who Is Your Customer?

Answer: It's easy to say, "Everyone!" or "millennials!” The thing about social media marketing, however, is that it requires you to be specific. You can't just say generalized things because, on social media, there's so much information being thrown at people which means less attention span. So for this question, I recommend creating buyer personas based on demographics screened through response rates/rates of engagement across your existing platform(s). If this doesn't work or your target market isn't active on any of the available platforms then maybe it's time for you to branch out.

Question 2: When Are Your Ideal Customers Active?

Answer: This also varies from person to person so once again, it's best to go back to your buyer personas and see what their ideal times are because social media is literally 24/7 so if you choose the wrong times then people may not be able to find you or see your posts. Then after that, schedule all of your posts accordingly. I recommend Buffer or Hoot suite for this purpose.

Question 3: What Are Their Mobile Habits?

Answer: Social Media platforms change rapidly but I can tell you that there are currently more Facebook users on mobile than there are on Desktop (Source). It's best to make sure your content is optimized for mobile because if your audience can't reach you then they can't engage with you.

Question 4: What's Their Preferred Content-Type?

Answer: This depends on the person but there are two main types of posts that work best across social media platforms which are text-based and photo/video-based. Remember to experiment with all different kinds of content because people have different preferences so start off small, test it out, see what works, grow from there. It doesn't happen overnight or in a month so is patient! Here are some statistics regarding preferred content type published by Buffer which will give you an idea regarding what kind of post does well across each platform (Source).

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Question 5: How Do They Like To Be Connected?

Answer: This is another thing to consider because there are different ways of connecting with people across social media platforms. Some like it through tagging, others through tagging and mentioning but no matter what you do make sure that your audience is the one who does it whenever possible. For this question, I'd recommend researching which hashtags work best for each platform since some don't allow tags. The reason why this works is that it's easy to be seen by other users who aren't directly following you or aren't engaged with your posts so they'll end up checking out what you're posting about if they see one of them being mentioned on their feed.

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Question 6: What Are Their Preferred Content Consumption Devices?

Answer: You have to consider who you are targeting with your business because not everyone uses the same devices across all platforms so keep this in mind when posting. Some may use computers, others might only use smartphones but it doesn't matter, just know that they're out there and then post accordingly.

Question 7: What Are Their Preferred Content Consumption Times?

Answer: As I said earlier, people have different preferred times for being active on social media so take this into consideration as well before deciding which times to post at. Try staying active during these time periods if possible since people will be more likely to engage with your posts if they see them appearing frequently on their feeds or newsfeeds.

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Question 8: How Is Your Competition Doing It?

Answer: This is also important because if their posts and activities are pulling more engagement than yours then you should try doing the same or something similar if it makes sense for your business. You can always do A/B testing to see what works best so test out a new post, see how it does, and repeat what did well. Just remember that not everything your competition does will work for you too!

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Question 9: How Do Your Followers Feel About It?

Answer: Make sure that people enjoy following you on social media by asking them about their experiences since this isn't just about getting more followers but keeping them engaged as well. Ask for feedback from your audience; find out why they follow you why they don't follow you or why they'd stop following you so that you can address their concerns.

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Question 10: How Can You Improve Engagement?

Answer: Focus on improving your engagement by asking for more comments through different posts, updating older content so it doesn't seem outdated, keeping track of all comments using a social media management tool(or your phone's notepad if you prefer), and replying to as many as possible. It's also important to reply as fast as you can whenever possible!


These questions will help guide the way in deciding how to proceed with your social media marketing campaign which is what I've been doing since I started my own business. There was no internet when I first got into this industry and now we're here but remember that these questions will help you improve results with your posts every time. Follow them, use them as a guideline to craft your own method, and you'll be able to run a social media marketing campaign better than most businesses!

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