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Choosing the Best new Dyson Vacuum for you!

If you have made the decision to go ahead and get a new vacuum, you have done the easy part! With a crowded marketplace of choices, cutting across the technical specifications and marketing headlines is another challenge itself. 

That’s what this article is here for – to help you choose the very best new Dyson vacuum for your needs!

Dyson vacuum

What to look for with your new vacuum

The starting point for most people looking for a new vacuum is the price. Whether you are buying outright or utilizing the many financing options available, only you will know your maximum limit. The trick is to stick to that and not break the bank, as there really is no need to do so given the huge range of choice nowadays. 

A Dyson sale Australia is a great place to start. You can look for some bargains on the best Dyson models, as well as saving yourself some valuable cash at the same time. But before plunging in with the most eye-catching offer, consider what you expect from your vacuum and how demanding you will be of it.

What do you need your vacuum to do?

Clean the floor is the obvious answer to this question. But think a little deeper and you will see it is one worth asking. For instance, a small apartment with tiled floors and no pets is a very different proposition for a vacuum than a six bedroom family home with carpets, three dogs and two cats. 

Once you see where your home sits on this scale, you can think more clearly about what you need in terms of suction power, dirt disposal and type of unit. 

Modern vacuums come in all shapes and sizes

The good news is that you can now tailor your vacuum to suit your home. Gone are the days when vacuums were pretty standard sized devices. 

You can even pick a device that suits you as well as your home. Check out a Dyson vacuum sale to see the variety of sizes, weights and styles on offer. 

Cordless stick vacuums are a popular choice for cleaning moderately tricky homes. They are versatile for quick cleaning sessions, as well as being sufficiently robust to carry out deeper cleans. 

In a Dyson sale, you may even be able to upgrade to a more expensive model without breaking the bank. This can help you get more value from the accessories packs, suction power and filtration.  

Importantly, a higher range Dyson model can also give you a more attractive warranty in the event that you experience a problem with your machine. Standard warranties tend to last for 12 months, but you may be offered (or be able to negotiate) a longer term during a sale. 

Upright vacuums also offer a more traditional style unit, only at much lighter weights than in previous years. You can now benefit from the full suction power of an upright with less strain on your back and arms – and also on your wallet!

For lighter jobs or difficult to access corners, handheld alternatives are also a popular choice. These are also perfect for vacuuming cars, garages or outbuildings without a mains electricity supply available. If you feel like treating yourself, you can also look into a robot vacuum to get open floor spaces clean without doing the work yourself! 

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Make your vacuum about you, not the machine!

Ultimately, you are buying a vacuum to make your own life easier! Dysons are a great choice, but there are also some other superb brands to choose from depending on your preferences and budget.

The most important thing is to think about what you need from your vacuum. If it is for light touch, smooth surfaces, it likely makes sense to shop for a lighter option. You do not need to consider excessive suction power or voltage to do what you need. For heavier duty environments, these attributes are obviously much more important. 

You should also think about your own capabilities. If you struggle to move a heavier unit around, consider shopping for a lighter stick device instead of an upright. You can pick these up for around $500 and above. With interest-free financing available from most good retailers, you can spread the cost of this purchase over several months or even years.

Also think about the balance between price and quality. Consider that although cheaper vacuums can look good on the price label, they are more likely to fail after a few years than a better quality model. 

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