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5 High-End Software for Easy and Realistic 3D Floorplanning

High-End Software for 3D Floor Planning

Floorplanning is a handy way to see what works for your new or renovated space before you begin the execution and physical designing of the interior. It allows you to make tweaks and adjustments to your home or office design before settling on a permanent design. 

It could be done in a 2D or 3D design representation, and it gives the interior designers, architects, and builders an idea of what you want your room to look like. 

While you can create a floorplan by hand with pencil drafts on paper, many more people are starting to opt for easier, faster, and more realistic floorplanning methods, specifically floor planning software.

As an architect or designer, or DIYer, using floor planning software has a ton of benefits for you, including creating photorealistic renders and the ability to make tweaks quickly to suit the client’s preferences or yours. 

5 Best floor planning software for architects, designers, or DIYers

We have highlighted some of the best high-end floor planning software that top architects and designers use for the best floorplanning results below. 

1. Foyr Neo 

Foyr Neo

On the roll call of best floor plan software, this one comes first. Foyr Neo helps designers create the best floor plan designs with its near-accurate calculations of room dimensions, giving you enough room to plan the interior layout to perfection. 

Foyr is straightforward to use, and you can start drawing your floor plan from scratch all on the software. In addition, you can use Foyr with sketch apps to send the room metrics to Android devices and mobile smartphones via Bluetooth.

With Foyr, your floorplanning becomes straightforward with the numerous features on the software to enable you to work faster and more accurately. These features provide 4K photorealistic renders of your design in minutes, instead of waiting many hours to get a wishy-washy-looking design.

It provides you with up to 50,000 3D models and textures that you can select from to improve your home or office design look. Foyr Neo does most of the design work for you once you input details and descriptions of walls, doors, and windows. 

It even allows you to furnish and decorate the floor plan, customizing it to suit the specific preferences your client desires. To begin, you can try out the app for 14 days for free, after which charges begin from $49/month. 

2. FloorPlanner 


This is one tool real estate agents and interior designers and architects can’t do without. It is one of the highly efficient tools that allow these creatives to create a realistic design of a property so that they can show their clients how the property layout looks. 

It’s also helpful in describing how a remodel will look like for clients, and you can make necessary tweaks to the design if the client wishes. Even better, you can customize your plan and make it interactive for sharing it online with clients and co-workers. 

The VR-walkthrough option makes it easily accessible to clients to make their buying decisions or interior design decisions faster. 

With the massive library of furniture images and drawings, you can auto-furnish your design and make it well-detailed and realistic, all on the software. On the free plan, you can create one floor plan design at no cost. 

To create multiple projects, you may pay up to $5 per month or an annual fee of $14.99. This software is easy to use and gives you value for your money. In addition, you can learn to use it quickly without previous CAD knowledge, as it has a demo guide for newbies to the software. 

3. SmartDraw 


SmartDraw is many tools in one and a must-have for organizations and interior design companies. The software is originally an organizational chart maker that also offers a floor plan creator layout tool that is useful for interior designers and related professionals.

This tool allows collaboration and sharing so that more than one person can make edits to the design for best results. As long as you are connected to the internet, SmartDraw files are accessible to you, and you can work on them from anywhere.

You can use the floorplan software to make floor plans quickly and make a beautiful finish with its architectural design symbols that make your design unique and realistic. 

SmartDraw is excellent for a quick fix when you need to draw a floorplan quickly, however, it is best suited for beginners to interior design. It has a free trial option, but you can access its premium features starting at $9.95/month.  

4. RoomSketcher


Real estate agents who need to wow their prospective clients use this software because of its ease of use and the diverse benefits that it offers. With RoomSketcher, you can create, print, and even show clients accurate floor plans without a challenge. 

Just like FloorPlanner software, it allows you to sell the prospects that clients and customers can create on newly acquired property. You can provide ideas through floor plan designs on RoomSketcher to help you seal the deal faster. 

RoomSketcher allows 3D walkthrough features to give your clients an improved experience of your designs. RoomSketcher even provides a simpler option for you if you don’t feel like drawing a floor plan. 

Its unique illustrator features can help you draw out the blueprint of your design, all you need to do is upload it, and you’ll get a 3D design. RoomSketcher is compatible with all Google Devices and has a free version for basic design projects. 

If you’re looking to use the 2D and 3D features, it comes at a fee starting at $49 monthly.

5. Homestyler 


This is easily the best choice if you’re on a budget because it also offers a free version. This tool comes with many features that allows you to draw your floor plan online. 

One differentiating factor that this tool possesses is that you can automate your design processes and has user-defined dimensions that you can quickly reuse if you want to work on another project.

Homestyler provides the necessary tools to make your work easier, including a vast furniture and symbol library. The paid version begins at $20 per month. 

6 Perks of using a 3D floor planning software 

Perks of using a 3D floor planning software

There are several benefits we have observed from choosing to use a floor planning software over hand drawings. While not discarding the usefulness of drawing floor plans by hand, if you’re looking for reasons to upgrade our floor plan designs, these are a few we have listed.

1. It helps you work faster

One way to influence clients buying decisions, is to provide samples of work that gives them an idea of what to expect. A floor planning software helps you to create designs faster with their library of tools, features, and images that helps to put together your floor plan in record time. 

With floor planning software, you no longer have to draw everything in the floor plan by hand; with the features on the tool, you can get a floor plan together quickly so that you can wow your clients. 

2. It saves energy

Even if you enjoy drawing by hand, you can’t deny that it takes some amount of energy. With features on the software and accurate dimensions in place, you can create your floor plan just by clicking some mouse buttons. 

You can do it on the go, anywhere you are, at your convenience. All you need is an internet connection, a computer, and a web browser and you’re all set. 

3. It creates photorealistic designs

Floor plans drawn by hand do not provide an accurate depiction of how an office or home would look after it has been furnished and decorated. With floor planning software, you get the near-accurate depiction of the final physical design because the 3D images are quite realistic. 

4. It is easily accessible and shareable

You no longer have to be physically present where your client is to show them how their floor plan looks like. 3D walkthrough features on some of these software allows your clients to visit the floor plan virtually and take a look around. 

With a simple, shareable link, they too can access their design from wherever they are. 

5. It saves space

With floor planning software, there’s no more need to print large files with the floor plan drawing that takes up space (except it is absolutely necessary.) Because anyone can access the floor plan through a web link, you can save on space and resources and simply access the plan online. 

6. It adds a modern touch

Every business needs to grow with the current trends in the industry so that you don't present yourself as archaic. The world is making the shift from hand-drawn floor plans to digitally accessible and created floor plans. 

Choosing this software also gives your designs a modern appeal, which can be an added advantage to your selling point. 


Creating a floor plan is no longer the stressful task that many people make it to be. You can ditch your boring and basic paper floor plans for a photorealistic and interactive plan that you can easily share with your clients. 

With any of the five high-end floor planning software that we have highlighted above, your interior design process becomes faster, less restrictive, and quickly adjustable when necessary. So, choose the best floor planning software based on your needs and start making unique designs. 

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