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Find Out The Reasons To Study Certificate III In Carpentry

Carpenters and joiners have high demand in Australia. According to a recently published report, there will be about 69000 work vacancies in the next five years. So, you can understand, you can have ample job opportunities in your hands. Another report says that a huge number of international students come to Australia every year for study carpentry courses. For that reason, many Australian institutes and colleges offer carpentry courses which are increasingly popular among the students.

Study Certificate III In Carpentry

Among these courses, Certificate III in Carpentry is the most sought after course. Here we discuss the different aspects of the system – an overview, units, eligibility requirements, and employment opportunities.

What is Certificate 3 in carpentry?

This course is mainly known as its code name, which is CPC30211. You can make significant advancements in your professional career in the construction industry with this course. It is a trade level qualification and gives students essential skills, knowledge and experience to work on a construction site in construction carpentry.

The skills will generally include measurement, excavation, and calculations, safe working at heights, reading plans, concreting formwork or moulds etc. You can become a respected tradesman upon completing this course. Builders, construction supervisors, sub-foreman, foremen, project manager, leading hands all benefit from this course. You will also get to learn to safely use a wide range of tools and equipment for carpentry and construction works.

About the course

In this section, we discuss the essential basics of the course:

● Overview of the course 

As mentioned above, you will obtain various skills and qualifications to work as a carpenter in the construction sector. While there is a shortage of other jobs in the market, because of such economic recession caused by various factors, demands for carpenters and joiners are constantly increasing. 

The primary aim of this course is the residential sector of the industry, where students can become experts in constructing domestic framework, scaffolding, formwork, and footings. In this course, you will learn to design, mounting, finishing and repairing structures for different construction, residential, commercial, and industrial structures. You will also know how much you can effectively produce the best quality works in construction, renovation and even maintenance. Major study areas will interpret plans, necessary measurements and calculations, use of power devices and other equipment, install flooring and construction of external timber stairs and many more.

You will get highly qualified and skilled teachers who have plenty of years of experience. You should never forget that while you will have your specific skill set to perform well in the construction projects, you must also have enough knowledge about all the other trades. In this profession, you will have to follow other businesses closely connected with this sector.

● Different Units 

Usually, the Cert 3 Carpentry course program is delivered over 38 weeks, where you have to attend morning or afternoon classes 4 days each week. The total number of units is 30, of which 22 units are core and 8 are elective ones. Some of these units include ‘Use carpentry tools and equipment (code: CPCCCA2002B), ‘Work effectively and sustainably in the construction industry’ (code: CPCCCM1012A), ‘Carry out setting out’ (code: CPCCCA3002A), ‘Carry out excavation’ (code: CPCCCM2002A), and ‘Construct wall frames’ (code: CPCCCA3004A).

Assessment is involved in the course structure. It is designed keeping in mind that learners will get the opportunity to demonstrate what they learned and how well they acquired other skills. The assessments involve several practical tasks and activities, as required by recognised standards.

●  Entry Requirements

The most beneficial fact about this course is that there are no specific entry requirements. But before you enrol in the course or the course starts, you need to complete a literacy and numeracy assessment. You should also sit in a pre-training interview. Your performance results in these assessments will help them to determine whether you are suitable to take this course or not. They will also verify your plan for the training and identify if there is any need for learning support. You can also shorten the course length in an institute. It will be possible to have obtained skills from work, life experiences or any other qualifications from formal training. If you have AQF qualifications or issued statements of attainment from another registered training organisation, you will get the necessary recognition.

●  Job Opportunities

You can have several job opportunities like builder, building inspector, sub-foreman, foreman, leading hand, and project manager.

●  Skills you will receive upon completion

You will learn various skills, information and attitudes that will help you to prepare to work on-site. You can develop a highly skilled and flexible workforce and also choose different pathways for your future career. These skill levels, which you will achieve, will allow you to join a more cost-effective apprentice training. You can learn to handle carpentry materials through theoretical teaching and practical course work. Practical training will involve demolition of minor building structures, construction of wall frames and erection of roof trusses.

● Qualifications you will receive

After you complete it, you will receive the certificate. This course is recognised under the Australian Qualifications System or AQF. Victorian Qualifications Authority will issue the certificate of completion when you complete your apprenticeship.

●  Further Study Opportunities

If you are not interested in employment immediately after completing your course, you can go for further studies. You can enrol in Certificate IV in Building and Construction or Diploma in Building, Design and Drafting.

●  Develop Your Talent

With this course, you can develop your professional skills and qualities that will significantly help connect effectively with all the clients looking for talented carpentry professionals. You must formulate problem-solving qualities, learn how to act as an integral part of a team, and increase your efficiency and necessary skills related to time management. There are numerous options of colleges available for Certificate III in Carpentry Courses.

In the end

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