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6 Growth Tools for Small Businesses

Are you looking for new ways to grow your business in 2021? If so, you have come to just the right article today!

The secret for 2021 is to focus on the digital aspect, and by using tools that your customers will love, you are more likely to create longer-lasting relationships and happier clients as a result.

It's not only customer tools that are important. Getting the right tools for your business productivity is also a hugely important task that will save you time and money as teams who have the right tools at their disposal work to the best of their ability.

Growth Tools for Small Businesses

A Growth Mindset

To succeed in business, you must have a growth mindset, especially if you are looking to build your business and grow it into a multi-figure company.

Putting effort into your business is the real secret behind success, but using tools to help your business grow can certainly make that task a lot easier.

Here are six tools and services that any small business can use to help them grow, especially businesses who are looking to invest in the digital future of their products or services.

A Live Chat Client

Your customers want to talk to you. Your customers also want to use the service that they are most comfortable with, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, or similar messaging service.

By limiting your customers to only using one channel, or even worse, having many different channels open to your customers and promoting all of them equally, you will end up giving your customers a bad experience by not being able to answer the question in the right amount of time, all because they're not able to use the platform that they are most comfortable with.

Using a chat client tool such as JivoChat solves this problem because your customers are free to use whichever platform they feel most comfortable with, and you will receive all of the messages into your app, and you will be able to reply to them there and then.

This is a really excellent tool for communicating with your customers because it speeds up the process and allows you to get back to them within a reasonable amount of time, and this boosts your customer relationships too.

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Google My Business

Google My Business is a free service run by Google, and it allows small businesses to have a presence on the web and allows small businesses to be found much easier by why anyone looking.

Setting up a Google My Business account is really important, especially if your business relies on local customers and local traffic.

By using a GMB profile, you will have a pin on Google maps, and you will also be able to add things like your opening times, any special offers, your reviews, and, of course, photos and post from your business.

Setting up a Google My Business profile is quick and easy, but it will make a big difference to your local search engine optimization.

A Social Media Scheduling tool

For some businesses, social media can become like a treadmill. Businesses can spend an incredible amount of time creating content for social media only for it to not provide the best return on investment such as they were hoping.

This is why you need a social media scheduling assistant.

Clever social media managers understand the need to create content in bulk and upload their content to a scheduling assistant so that posts are scheduled to go at certain times.

The bonus to this is that your social media accounts will always be active and have fresh new content, but you and your social media manager can focus on different tasks. 

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Design Software

Having a good strong branding presence is absolutely critical for businesses these days, especially for businesses that want to compete on a digital level. If it is the case and you're not sure about where you should start and the systems that best suit your business, this Toronto managed IT services company will help you get all the questions answered.

It's very hard to build this digital presence without investing the time and energy it takes to learn to brand your business properly, and this means understanding design.

What if your business is nothing to do with design, though? What do you do in that circumstance?

There are many options available to business owners now to create easy and attractively designed projects from social media posts right up to flyers and business cards that have your consistent branding across them.

Canva is a popular option with small businesses because it's free, for the most part, and very easy to use, allowing even the most novice designer to create decent-looking graphics and print materials for their business.

Email Marketing Tools

How are you keeping in touch with your customers?

This has been a question on many business owners' minds for a long time, especially as more customers are leaving social media, and social media sites are making it more difficult for businesses to reach new and existing customers using their services.

Using email marketing software, such as MailChimp, is a great way to keep in touch with your customers and client base, as well as reach out to new people that have added themselves to your mailing list using lead magnets on your website.

Businesses need to be careful to use email marketing in the right way by not sending out too many emails to their customers and providing some value rather than just showing off new products every week.

For businesses in the services industries, such as the veterinary world, for example, using email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with clients and give them seasonal news and updates.

Analytics Monitoring

Using analytics tools such as Google Analytics on your website is a brilliant way to keep track of how well your business is doing when it comes to landing page traffic.

When you combine your Google Analytics with your social media analytics, your business insights, and analytics from other tools, you will get a big overview of how well your business is performing on a large-scale, and this is really vital for small businesses going forward.

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