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5 Best Practices in Mobile App Development in 2023

    The mobile app development market is still a rather young one as it has been developing for around two decades. The approaches to building apps are continuously evolving amid the introduction of new tools and technologies. End users are becoming more demanding while businesses expect to get more and more feature-rich and powerful solutions that will address their needs. All this has a direct impact on the ways and methods applied by developers.

    Mobile App Development

    According to Statista, the number of smartphone users is around 6.8 billion worldwide. It means that nearly 86% of all the people on our planet have smartphones and, consequently, use mobile apps in solving their business and everyday tasks. 

    The growing number of smartphone users results in an increase in the demand for mobile software solutions and their diversification. If you have a look at the mobile products built by software development companies, for example, Cogniteq app developers, you will see that practically all industries now have their solutions. But what helps companies to make their products successful? What are the best practices in the development of mobile solutions in 2023? 

    Increased attention to user experience

    When you are building a mobile application, first of all, you should think about the people who will use it. You always need to have a very good understanding of when and how they will interact with your solution. It will help you to make this interaction as comfortable for them as possible. 

    You and your development team should bear in mind such factors as convenience of navigation, speed of getting the desired results, and general impressions of using the application. Today the expectations are rather high which means that your app should look and feel equally good. That’s why you need to allocate reasonable investments for launching a top-notch application.

    Focus on security

    Hackers now have extremely sophisticated tools that allow them to get access to users’ sensitive data and financial assets even on the most prominent platforms. But this fact shouldn’t be a reason for you to give up. Vice versa it should motivate you to look for new ways to protect your application and to make security one of the main priorities from the very start of your project realization. For example, among the most widely-applied tools used to protect access to the app, we should mention two-factor authentication. 

    Timely updates

    If you have ever analyzed the range of services provided by full-cycle software development teams, you’ve probably seen that post-launch support and maintenance are always on the list. And it is a very good approach. It is impossible just to release an application and forget about it. You should regularly work on the improvements for it, monitor its performance, update its content, and introduce new features. It will be a good idea to plan these updates in advance so that you will be able to better control your budget.

    Obligatory testing

    Testing and debugging have crucial importance for your app's success. Even if you have the best solution ever and users desperately want to have access to its features, its poor performance, failures, downtimes, and other issues will motivate people to start looking for a better alternative.

    That’s why professional development teams always apply several types of tests, including manual and automated testing. While some types of these tests are conducted in parallel with the development process in order to detect bugs and fix them as soon as possible, it is required to test your app once again when everything is ready. This procedure is usually called regression testing and it is aimed at checking all the functionality after all the changes are already introduced.

    App store guidelines

    App marketplaces are platforms where you can publish your app to make it available to users. These platforms usually pay a lot of attention to their reputation and do their best to attentively monitor the quality of the applications that are being placed on them. You can’t publish your app without getting approval from the platform. Your submission can be declined and you will need to introduce a row of changes that will make your app compliant with the existing rules. But it is always better to be prepared in advance. It won’t be challenging to find the Apple Developer Program guideline or the Android app development guide and analyze all the provided rules and best practices before starting to build your own solution.


    The demand for mobile applications is not going to fall. With the growing smartphone penetration, we can even expect to observe a new wave of its increase. It means that new apps are still kindly welcomed in the market. Nevertheless, you should not forget about tough market competition. There are a lot of similar solutions and you need to make your app unique and highly reliable to stand out from the crowd.

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