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One Piece 1017 Spoilers Reddit - Predictions and Theories


    Recently released One Piece chapter 1016 raw scans contained a lot of incredible moments. A peek at the event is followed by a confrontation between Kaido and Yamato. It was a genuinely fantastic chapter. They have much to discuss before the upcoming One Piece chapter 1017 spoilers. There are many thrilling events in store for us. The raid on Onigashima is gradually closing, and additional chapters will shed more light on the situation. So, you need to check out the One Piece chapter 1017 spoilers which are mentioned below:

    one piece 1017 spoilers


    One Piece chapter 1017 spoilers on Reddit have yet to be released as of the time of writing. Its publication will be postponed because there will be a break the following week. Spoilers typically get public a day or two before the chapter's official release. They initially receive leaks from Korean releases, then from English ones. They can foresee some events for the upcoming chapter of One Piece based on what occurred in the previous release. Here are the predictions for One Piece chapter 1017.


    They anticipate that Yamato and Kaido's conflict will be resolved in their One Piece chapter 1017 predictions. They can't triumph against her father, as Yamato pointed out. Even though it seems like it would be a close contest, Kaido will easily defeat them without much struggle. They might fall into the sea, sharing Luffy's destiny.

    → • Sanji vs. Queen: 

    In One Piece chapter 1017 spoilers on Reddit, one of the Wano arc's most anticipated bouts will probably continue. It might be at this point when Oda starts displaying actual fight footage. They haven't seen complete pages of the ongoing battles between Nico Robin and Brook and Black Maria or Jinbe vs. Who's Who. The conflict between Queen and Sanji will also be intriguing to see. So, you must remember that Sanji is only worth roughly 330 million, whereas the Queen's prize is 1.32 billion. Sanji has an X factor, although Queen may be well-known.

    → • Luffy's State:

    They speculate that Luffy may have received care from One Piece chapter 1017. Hearts Pirates rescued him while he was unconscious in the ocean. It will be intriguing to observe what attitude Luffy adopts following his loss to Kaido. The next chapter's Flower Capital is their immediate destination. Therefore, Kaido and Luffy's final match may take place there. They all understand that it won't be an easy victory. After all, Kaido is essentially unbeatable.


    Except for Yamato's usage of Haki, there is little to speculate about in the upcoming chapter. Haki is let go over the rooftop in the final panel of the previous chapter. It is still determined if it originates from Kaido, Yamato, or their conflict. At the very least, we can assume it was Ryou if it was Yamato. Even if she can use Conqueror's Haki, it won't be shocking. 

    Final thoughts:

    The next installment of the popular manga might have a lot of different events. However, these details are theoretical until the official installment is released. Unofficial spoilers and raw scans may appear online between June 22 and June 26 since One Piece 1017 will be released on June 27.

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