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Best Social Media Linking Practices for Campaign Effectiveness

    Social media is a vital component of a robust marketing strategy. How well you link and integrate social media across different platforms is the difference between the success and failure of your marketing campaigns. Several benefits accrue from social media linking. These include expansion of reach, improved engagement, better SEO, and a significant boost to your marketing impact. By linking your social media, you can tweak the focus of the content you share. You need to know the most effective social media practices for linking to ensure the maximum impact of your marketing campaigns. Some handy tips:

    Social Media Linking for Campaign Effectiveness

    Boost Social Media Engagement with Shortened and Branded URLs

    Nobody likes long and clunky URLs because they are impossible to remember or type and even sharing can be an embarrassment. You can make a long website address just a few characters long by using a URL shortening service. Short URLs are cleaner and take up less space on social media posts. The uncluttered approach helps to increase the CTR and boost conversions. Shortening the URL is also a splendid opportunity for marketers to brand the URL. Marketers can incorporate the brand name into the URL used on social media to boost their brand awareness. Customers also prefer branded URLs since they look more professional, trustworthy, and authoritative, observes a Web 20 Ranker SEO consultant. 

    Grow Your Audience by Linking Social Media Profiles

    People following you on one social media channel will likely want to follow you across other channels to know more about your products and company. Marketers will find it worthwhile to make it convenient for followers to follow the brand across multiple social media channels. One effective method of doing it is by cross-linking all the social media channels you are on. For example, you can include a link to your Facebook account in the bio of your Instagram account. The cross-linking process helps you to extend your brand reach, improve brand visibility, and maintain constant brand identity across multiple networks. Including buttons on the top or bottom of the pages makes it easy to boost your brand visibility.

    Improve Search Ranking by Adding Deep Links to the Website

    Marketers habitually include links in social media posts that point to the home page of their websites. However, it can be more effective to use deep links to connect social media users to specific web pages if you are using anchor text infused with relevant keywords. The deep links can help to boost your website’s rankings on search engines. You can use several techniques to create deep links. Deep linking is particularly useful on social media platforms with a character restriction in the bio section. For example, instead of wasting precious real estate in the bio of your Instagram account by including a link to your website, you will benefit more by inserting a deep link to a custom landing page designed to convert visits.


    To make your social media linking strategy more effective, you should use high-quality and engaging images since they can generate more clicks. According to Sprout Social, photos on social media accounts get more engagement. You can also use the links as CTAs to boost conversions.

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