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Get these 10 apps to ensure worker’s safety in your business

     The issue with workers’ safety has been since the beginning of time, but things have changed as the years went by, and now employers are more receptive to protecting their employees. Luckily, laws and regulations ensure that the employer must provide safety in the workplace, along with proper equipment and training. 

    But besides these crucial things, business owners now use software and apps that can measure and record workers’ safety in order to make faster improvements regarding their practices. So, in this article, we’ll list ten of the best apps for businesses that you can use to embrace safety for your employees. 

    Apps for worker safety in business

    First Aid

    The American Red Cross created an official app called First Aid that contains accessible information about how to manage accidents and injuries. It’s filled with expert step-by-step practices, assisted video learning and an emergency number integrated into the app. 

    You’ll learn how to take care of yourself during hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes, but also how to proceed when someone else is injured. This is useful because some employees might work on sites that are difficult to access by medical staff, and if they are able to offer first aid, it can save someone’s life. You can find it on both Android and Apple stores. 

    Work Pose

    Working endless hours in an office can affect people’s health by causing back pain, muscle stiffness and headaches. This can happen due to poor posture at the desk, which is quite common among workers. 

    So, Work Pose is an app that helps implement an office ergonomics program through self-guided practices to increase productivity. It will walk you through basic steps for adjusting your chair or desk and position your computer to reduce pain while working. The app is only for Apple users only. 

    Ladder Safety

    In the UK, the number of non-fatal injuries got to more than 50.000 last year, from which most accidents were caused by slips, trips or fall on the same level. Among them, falling from a ladder is quite common. 

    The Ladder Safety app uses visuals and sound signals to position your ladder in a safe position. It is provided with a multimodal indicator and offers interactive reference material, so it’s perfect for when your employees are climbing a ladder on risky land. It’s for both Android and Apple users.  

    Incident cost calculator 

    Even if the calculation may vary, such an Incident Cost Calculator can be helpful for both the employer and employee. This app helps estimate the impact particular injuries have on your company, so you might get prepared for your employee to sue you. 

    Know that if you breached your duty of care and a worker got injured because you didn’t provide them with a safe environment and proper equipment, they could make a compensation claim in the UK. As long as they have enough proof (photos or declarations from witnesses) and an advisor, workers can get the compensation they deserve based on the type of their injury. 

    Chemical Safety Data Sheets 

    If your business has to deal with chemicals, you must ensure that they’re properly stored and your employees know how to manage them. For this, the World Health Organisation created the Chemical Safety Data Sheets, which contain more than 1.700 reference sheets with information on how to handle most chemicals. 

    Through this app, your employees can search and view all ICSC materials, bookmark common compounds and filter chemicals by industry. The app is available on iOS

    OSHA-NIOSH Heat 

    This app has been developed by a collaboration between the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). It calculates the real-time heat index based on the GPS location and displays a risk level. 

    It also provides helpful information for workers on how to stay cool during extreme heat and avoid heat-related illnesses. It’s available on both Android and iOS. 

    Noise Sniffer 

    According to the Health and Safety Executive in the UK, in 2019, there were 95 cases of occupational deafness and more than 14.000 workers experienced work-related hearing problems, which makes it a real problem. 

    Noise Sniffer is made for identifying dangerous noise levels by measuring noise levels in the immediate area and providing a decibel readout. For example, levels above 60 dB are dangerous and necessitate resolution. The app is on both iTunes and Google Play stores. 

    Fatigue Predictor 

    Fatigue is a frequent cause of why accidents occur, as most of the time, the jobs are too demanding, or employees might work overtime to make ends meet. There are many solutions to this problem, but the Fatigue Predictor app can also contribute to proper health management. 

    The app used the IFLS index (Individual Fatigue Likelihood Score) to determine if workers are at risk of severe or mild fatigue. It adjusts calculations according to business regulations and automatically sends data to employers so they can act immediately. It’s available on iTunes. 

    Safety Compass

    Using augmented reality, Safety Compass uses a camera to relay visual information about potentially hazardous conditions and materials in the field. It also provides integral safety information to each worker’s phone to avoid accidents. 

    You can navigate the site from above and determine activities that may impact your work. At the same time, the app also provides access to real-world analytics crowdsourced from people on the job. It is available on iTunes and Google Plus. 

    CPR Tempo App

    This app has been developed with the help of an ER nurse, and it provides visual and audio cues to help rescuers perform CPR. It’s a configurable app that includes timers for checking the rhythm after defibrillator shock. 

    You can use it for the training beforehand to make employees accustomed to how to help others. Know that the American Heart Association is recommending the rate of 100 compressions during CPR, which is crucial to know when using this app. You can find it on both Android and iOS. 

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