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Can Crypto be Used on Gaming Sites?

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new phenomenon that is quickly gaining mainstream attraction. Despite being a relatively new concept in tech terms, coming to the public eye in 2009 alongside Bitcoin, crypto offers a decentralized and secure means of transferring funds online, which is why more people are interested in using them for online gaming sites. Given the increased demand for crypto checkouts, many available gaming sites support digital currency. Below, we will tell you how to get started with crypto and spend it at compatible gaming sites. 


What is Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency that operates on a blockchain. A blockchain is a private network of computers that operate simultaneously to manage and store data (transactions). When a change is made on the blockchain, it is visible to all members, which makes it difficult to hack into and make changes. Access to the blockchain is provided through the use of public and private keys. Public keys allow people to pay you, and private keys will enable you to access your funds. 

Given the decentralized and secure nature of blockchain tech, crypto is becoming an increasingly popular way of spending online. With the chain being managed by the public and for the public, the currency can be used regardless of borders, which is ideal for online gambling in India and other countries where laws are stricter. 

How To Buy Crypto

To spend crypto online, you will need to open a wallet and invest in a currency. If you’re looking to spend at online gaming sites, you should choose Bitcoin because it’s the most mainstream. Opening a wallet is fairly straightforward, but there is a slight learning curve because of the different types. As a beginner, we suggest heading to Coinbase and letting them take care of your key management. 

Once you’ve opened a digital wallet, you can invest in as many different cryptocurrencies as you like, and they will all be stored here. If you used Coinbase to open your wallet, you could buy your chosen crypto there as well. All you need to do is click Buy/Sell and head to the Buy section and follow the instructions. You need to enter the amount you want to buy in your local currency, and it will be converted for you.  

Spending Crypto on Gaming Sites

Many online gaming sites accept crypto now, especially Bitcoin. All you need to do is carry out a little research and look for the Bitcoin logo at the checkout. To pay with crypto, all you need to do is copy their unique Bitcoin address into your wallet, enter the amount, and press send. The transaction will take place in a matter of seconds, and there’s no need to spend time entering all of your personal information. 

Crypto is becoming widely used online to offer secure and transparent payments. Gaming sites choose to accept Bitcoin more often to make their clients feel safe when spending online. As long as you conduct your research and keep your private key safe, you should have no issues when using crypto to game online. 

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