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9 Secrets to Help You Get Promoted in the Tech Industry

No matter what job you have, which industry you’re in, or the company you work for, getting a promotion tends to mean your monthly paycheck gets a little bit heftier. And who doesn’t want that extra dollar in the back pocket? If you’re clutching onto the hope that the next employee being applauded for their success is you, then you’re in the right place. Here are nine secrets to help you bag that promotion and move up the career ladder in the tech industry. 

Get Promoted in the Tech Industry

1. Business First

Generally, IT is just one component of a larger business. While those in charge of the business are obviously interested and invested in the IT side of things - and often it plays a huge role in the everyday running of their services and business - it is not their main focus. Start looking at things from a business viewpoint instead. If you start to take into consideration business aspects like finance and sales when completing and pitching tech projects, you will be noticed for all the right reasons. Not only will it make your life easier as you are less likely to have to go back and alter things, but you are showcasing that you think about the bigger picture rather than just staying in your IT bubble. 

2. Raise the Bar and Hold it High

Once you start delivering and performing at a high standard, you’ve got to keep it coming at the same rate and quality consistently. If you’re only exceeding expectations every now and then, you are less likely to be noticed and promoted. Consistently overachieving shows you are able to multitask, can perform to a high standard under pressure, and have the leadership skills to be able to handle a promotion. 

3. Volunteer Yourself

Employers are keen to have people that are willing to take on extra tasks and go the extra mile for their company working for them, and the more responsibilities you have, the more the business needs you. When the opportunity arises to take on new projects or tasks, make sure you put your hand up to volunteer yourself first. But don’t just put yourself forward for the exciting projects that everyone wants to do; also be willing to take on the jobs that aren’t popular. Just make sure you excel at each and every one of them. Don’t push yourself too hard, take on more than you are capable of, or volunteer for projects that you aren’t clued up on. You need to be able to complete everything you’ve signed up for, and to the highest quality that the company has ever seen.

4. Take the Hit

Not everything is going to go your way every time. That’s just life. But you aren’t at school and playing the blame game can be detrimental to your career prospects. There is no need to call people out and point the finger when something doesn’t quite go to plan. To put you in the running for promotion, you need to show that you can handle all the challenges thrown your way effectively, efficiently and professionally. If something you’ve suggested or done is at fault, hold your hands up, admit your mistakes and develop a strong solution to solve the problem. 

5. Invest in Knowledge

Your behaviors and habits do have a huge influence over whether you’re put in the running for promotion, but there is also a lot riding on your skills and knowledge. Employers are looking for people that are committed to consistently learning, developing their skills and investing time and effort to expand their knowledge. Taking an online computer science masters at Baylor University will prepare you for the highest roles in software engineering and data science while allowing you to maintain your current employment responsibilities. Showcase that you are devoted to furthering your skills for the business.

6. Stay Ahead of the Game

The tech industry is forever adapting, changing, growing and developing, which means you have to be able and willing to keep up with the newly released and cutting-edge technology. Jump at the chance to join any training offered by your company or attend any courses that crop up that you think will be beneficial to add to your skill set and implement at the business. Even if you have to pay out of your own pocket now, if that pay rise lands on your lap later down the line because of it then it is totally worth it. 

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7. Voice Your Opinions and Ideas

If you are complacent in meetings and rarely put yourself or your ideas forward, you’re dreaming if you think you’re going to be working your way up that career ladder any time soon. To earn that promotion, you have to be proactive. Come up with effective solutions, innovative new ideas and improvements to software that others hadn’t even realized were needed. If you disagree with what is being discussed and think you have an approach that would work way better, make yourself heard. Just make sure you use your words wisely and don’t criticize anyone else’s ideas.

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8. Specialize Your Expertise

Not everyone can develop the cutting-edge software that is going to improve efficiency and cut company costs down by 50%, but you can become indispensable by homing in on a subject area that is vital for the success of your company. Becoming the best within a specific area that is particularly valuable and of interest to the business could be your road to success. Release that inner tech geek and channel their energy into an element that is critical for the progress of the company.

9. Promote Your Portfolio

Being able to showcase your previous achievements and successful projects with passion, and then effectively adapting them to suit the needs of the company you are working for will prove that you are a huge asset to the business. Often, technology experts lack the confidence and ability to review their performances and communicate their successes. If you’ve completed a project and came in 40% under budget or were responsible for the technology that ended up saving a company millions in production costs, let it be known. 

Take control of your career and start making those steps towards bagging yourself a higher role within the tech industry. 

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