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ATTYT Full form - What is the meaning of ATTYT?

ATTYT is nothing but it’s just the misspelled word of AT&T. AT&T stands for American Telephone and Telegraph. So not directly but indirectly this ATTYT is related terms of AT&T. ATTYT is also known as “Attorney” and “A Thousand Thank Yous”. AT&T Inc. is essentially known to be the parent organization of US global combination enlisted in Delaware however its central command are there in Whitacre Tower in downtown Dallas, Texas. It is known to be the biggest supplier of mobile service provider in US and the biggest Telecommunication Company on the planet. In other words The ATTYT is misspelled of American Telephone and Telegraph Co. “AT&T”.

So in the brief we want to say that ATTYT stands for American Telephone and Telegraph Co. You can also check the Full form of ATTYT that is arise from AT&T and the meaning is American Telephone and Telegraph Co.

ATTYT Full Form

If you have any confusion or difficulty in the understanding about the ATTYT then we are always here to give the answer of your query about ATTYT, keep reading the blog for latest update and here are the FAQ’s about ATTYT you will not get anywhere else:

Full Form of ATTYT?

ATTYT full form is “American Telephone and Telegraph Co“.

What is the meaning of  ATTYT?

Meaning of ATTYT is “American Telephone and Telegraph Co“, “Attorney“, and “A Thousand Thank Yous“.

Full Form of ATTYT in Hindi

There can be many Hindi full form of ATTYT and one of them is “American Telephone and Telegraph Co” =”अमेरिकी टेलीफोन और टेलीग्राफ कंपनी“

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