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Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist. Back Home is the Right Word to PDF Converter You’ve Been Searching For

If you are a student or a white-collar professional, you probably have pages and pages of documents saved in your computer just waiting to be sent out then downloaded by the recipient. One common problem is that those documents are not safe to send out just like that. You need a Portable Document File (PDF) converter to help you make those files secure enough to make their way online. One option you may have is to buy PDF software to do the job for you - but that’s very expensive. A less costly alternative is to seek out a PDF converter tool instead, so you can adjust quite easily without paying big bucks for the service.

PDFBear Word to PDF Converter

Here are the answers to some common questions that may crop up if you are a beginner at this:

Who Would Need a Word to PDF Converter Tool?

Generally, the convert word to pdf tool would be useful for anyone who would ever need to secure a private document, specifically a Word file, to send over the Internet. Students will probably need this for their term papers and theses. White-collar professionals such as lawyers and accountants may also find it helpful to have a Word to PDF converter tool on hand. The reason why such a tool would be important to have is that some documents should not be easily altered by just anyone. These documents have an intended recipient, so the sender mustn’t have to worry that other people can alter their documents.

How Does the PDF Converter Tool Work?

A PDF converter tool such as allows you to upload your Word document into the system to start the process. The tool will then scan through your document completely to convert the entire document (not just parts). And then voila! You now have a Word document that has been altered into PDF format for you. Problem solved.

Does This Process Take a Long Time?

No, it will only require around two minutes to fully convert your Word file to PDF format. And the good news is that you can use this tool even if your document is either .doc format or .docx format. The tool is flexible regarding Word formats.

Will the Converter Tool Require a Particular OS Platform?

That’s the fun part about using - you don’t have to use a particular operating system platform on your computer for this to work. That’s right! You can use the tool whether you are using a Linux, Mac, or Windows environment, and it will still promptly convert your Word files to PDF format. That makes it particularly useful for anyone, especially when you’re using a borrowed computer.

Do I Need a Steady Internet Signal While I’m Doing the File Conversion?

Yes, you do need to have stable Internet access to use the file converter tool. This is because the actual conversion process is done “within the cloud”, meaning on the website itself. But this makes the tool more convenient to use because you can convert a file from Word to PDF anywhere, as long as there is a stable Internet signal in the area. That makes the service very useful for people like students who might have to look for a computer rental place to do their file conversion otherwise.

Will It Be Necessary to Save My Document Within the Tool Itself?

No, the tool itself will not keep the content of your file on its site. After you’ve used the file conversion tool online, the system will wait 60 minutes then automatically remove the file completely from the cloud system. That means you need not worry that your privacy-sensitive document will be stored within the cloud. Not even remnants of the file will remain in

Would Any Parts of My Word Document Be Altered by the Tool?

The beauty of using the Word converter tool is that your Word files will remain intact throughout the process. You don’t have to keep checking on the file being converted for two minutes straight. Just upload the file and start the file conversion process. The new PDF file will look the same as when it was just a Word file. This will be a relief to people who are going to send a sensitive file whose content needs to be safeguarded in the future because their document will not be altered in any way.

How Much Does it Cost to Use the Word to PDF Converter Tool?

The great thing about the Word to PDF Converter tool is that you can sign up and use it at no charge for a 14-day trial period. When there are seven days left in your free trial, the system will remind you how much time you have left before the free trial expires. The system will send your last reminder one day before the termination of your free trial. After that, you can sign up for a Paid Membership plan. There are two plans available. The annual Membership Plan costs $59.99, while the monthly plan costs $5.99 per month. Naturally, the annual plan has all the features of converter tools, meaning you can use the other converter tools in the cloud service as many times as you want.

Is the Word to PDF converter tool the only one available on

No, there are actually over 19 other PDF converter tools on the website. But this particular tool is the one you need to use if you have a Word document that needs to be made securely online.

You can always visit the website of in case you need to explore further.


You probably know that your Word files are vulnerable when sent over the Internet without any protective encryption. One way to address this problem is to use the Word to PDF conversion tool in This tool is fast and easy to use, plus it won’t alter your document in any way. Use now so you won’t have to worry about your document when you send it over the Internet to an intended recipient.

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