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CocoDoc - Top Tool to Edit PDF with Ease

A PDF file has its importance in daily life. Although you can find most PDF readers for free, finding the right PDF editor at an affordable price is a challenge.

In this article, we will cover a few things about one of the most trending PDF editors. We will cover the CocoDoc PDF editor that is used by millions of users to edit PDF files. So, let’s start and discuss a few things about this solution.


Cocodoc PDF Editor

CocoDoc is known for its PDF editing tools. The website claims that this platform can help you edit PDF files even if you have no editing experience. From basic editing to converting and merging PDF files, you can find almost every important tool on this website.

The main reason behind the popularity of this platform is its affordable services. Almost everyone can agree that Adobe Acrobat has some of the most advanced tools. However, that application is so expensive and out of reach for some people.

On the other hand, CocoDoc provides all those premium features at an affordable rate. Additionally, it has some excellent tools like freestyle drawing that make it the perfect application to edit PDF files.

Top Tools Offered by CocoDoc

You must be well aware of this application by now. So, let’s have a quick look at the tools offered by this platform.

PDF Editor

The most important tool of this platform is the PDF editor. You can use it to add or remove small items from a PDF file. However, many options let you add a checklist, text, date, illustrations, and much more on any page. 

PDF Sign

Signing PDF files requires a reliable and trusted solution. PDF sign feature from CocoDoc ensures that you get a smooth eSign process without compromising your data privacy. With this tool, you can use the freestyle drawing to add your signatures to the file.

PDF Converter

The next tool in this list is a PDF converter. It will help you convert any PDF to other file formats. Similarly, you can reverse the process and convert any other file into a PDF. Thus, the solution works both ways and provides the easiest way to convert PDF files.

PDF Merger

This tool is more helpful when you need to merge or combine multiple PDF files. All you need is to upload your PDFs and choose this option. You can manage the page layout for the final PDF to make the required changes like merging.

PDF Protector

Some confidential files need to be protected with a password. This tool will help you protect your PDF file by creating a password. Similarly, there is a password remover that will help you remove the password from a file permanently.

And the list goes on. You can check the complete list of tools and their features on the official website of CocoDoc solution.

How to Edit PDF with CocoDoc

Editing a PDF with this tool is a smooth process. Just like any other web-based solution, CocoDoc provides an easy registration option to its customers. Once you create your account, you can upload any file and start editing with this PDF editor. 

It provides hundreds of tools to edit a PDF file. However, you can choose the ones that you need to edit your file. 

Another way to edit a PDF with this solution is using the basic PDF editor. This tool is used for some minor changes in a PDF file such as adding some text, images, or checklists. After making these changes, you can save your file on your online CocoDoc storage or download the file on your device.

Final Words

The most important thing to consider in a PDF editor is its editing tools. Although you may not need some advanced tools right now, you still expect them to help you with what you need. Hence, CocoDoc is a great choice for beginners who need an advanced solution with a basic user interface.

You don’t need to spend much time mastering its tools. Also, it has some quick tips that guide the new users in editing the PDF files conveniently.

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