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Hustlers University Legitimate or Andrew Tate Scam?


    Have you heard of Hustlers University and wondered if it's a genuine money making opportunity or an Andrew Tate scam? This online course has caused quite a stir on social media, sparking heated debates on its legitimacy.

    Our article dives deep into reviewing this trending topic, sifting the facts from hearsay to provide clear insights. Let's delve in and uncover the truth behind Hustlers University.

    Hustlers University Legitimate or Andrew Tate Scam

    Is Hustlers University Legitimate or an Andrew Tate Scam?

    The legitimacy of Hustlers University has ignited heated debates on social media platforms. Known for its entrepreneurship training, online business courses, and a promise of financial independence, some see it as a tool for wealth creation and personal development.

    On the other hand, critics argue that Andrew Tate's association with Hustlers University casts a shadow over its authenticity.

    Despite his success andmindset coaching materials available in the program intertwined with skill development strategies, many people have claimed it as an elaborate scam. 

    They insist that Hustler's University is just another get-rich-quick scheme based upon MLM pyramid models which end up benefiting only those at the top of the chain.

    Therefore, determining whether Hustlers University is legitimate or an actual scam depends heavily on individual experiences and interpretations.

    What Legitimate Sources Say 

    When researching a topic you need to look at what various sources are saying who have a proven track record of being right. Upon researching Hustlers University you’ll find a number of publications that are calling it a pyramid scheme and scam.

    These fall into 2 categories. The first of which is news publications who have taken a negative view on the program due to allegations made against Tate and the fact that he is currently facing trial for a number of alleged crimes.

    The next are bait and switch blogs, these act to negatively portray a program, course or person irrespective of whether it is true or false to bait and switch you to another program or course instead.

    The 3rd category is legitimate review sites who have editorial process in place. For example Nobsimreviews listed benefits and drawbacks and link to credible sources to back the information up.

    In general the consensus seems to be that HU is a legitimate course, but some aspects of it are overly hyped up by Tate and his cronies. 

    Hustler's university also ran into controversy when their website was abruptly shut down without any formal explanation or assurance to existing students about their ongoing coursework status— sparking rumors of it being nothing but fraudulent tactics leaving numerous aspiring entrepreneurs in a lurch.


    In conclusion, determining whether Hustlers University is legitimate or an Andrew Tate scam can be subjective. While some may find value in the moneymaking and personal development programs offered, others may view it as a shady MLM pyramid scheme.

    It's essential to thoroughly research and assess the claims and credibility before investing time and money into any online course promising quick wealth creation. In recent times Tate has rebranded his course after his initial banning from social media and re-named the course The Real World. 

    He claims it is now running on his own servers and is free of what he calls “matrix attacks” but we will have to wait and see if that is still the case. 

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