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Away or Busy? 7 Methods to Automatically Update Your Slack Status on Mobile

    Slack for Businesses 

    Slack is changing modern workspaces with better concentration and focus mode, it has gained over 6 million users. According to a recent report, Slack provides 15% more sales and 13% more deals closed per month. 

    Slack status is an excellent way to know whether your team members or those below you are working or slacking off. But updating the status manually can lead to loss of focus, so what can be ways to automatically update the status? If you want to unlock the treasure of a more productive workforce, we have listed 7 ways to automate your slack status. 

    Slack Status on Mobile

    Why Automate Your Slack Status? 

    Automated status firstly takes away the pain of manually updating your status every time you concentrate on something else. It also tells your team whether you are available, engaged in a meeting or focussed on some work. 

    Automating your slack status also helps you to set boundaries, and you don't have to mute notification or answer in between an important meeting. This is great for people who don't like receiving work messages late in the evening and even helps you set routine for lunch breaks. 

    7 Methods to Automatically Update Your Slack Status on Mobile

    → 1. Sync Your Google Calendar With Slack

    As per the new survey more than 1600 paid users reported that they saw a 48.6% decrease in emails, and 80% say enhanced transparency and office culture. It has also dropped the number of meetings and boosted employee productivity by 34%. 

    But still, it can be embarrassing to respond to a teammate who texts you while you're in the middle of a meeting by saying you'll get back to them later. You may save that hassle by using our ready-made Google Calendar to Slack integration template. When a new event in your Google Calendar starts notifying people that you are currently busy, it automatically adjusts your Slack status.

    Even the time you want your status to be updated before an event starts can be controlled here. The default setting is 15, but you can change it to 5, 10, or any other period you see acceptable. Adding words and an emoji to your status is another option.

    → 2. Use Apps to Automate Your Slack Status 

    With Pulse, it’s as easy as setting it and forgetting it. Depending on how you install it, Pulse operates in the background to automatically update your status. When you're working on a particular work app, such as email, slides, designing, etc.; when you're on holiday; when you have a doctor's visit on your common calendar; when you're in a gathering; and even when you are automatically adjusting to exhibit that you are "focusing" based on your state of a workflow to reduce interruptions, it can automatically update your status to share these events.

    Pulse helps you by integrating with your calendar and other apps on your phone, along with AI to track and change your status automatically. This app is also beneficial if you want to display more than one status on your Slack. 

    → 3. Action Buttons

    If you are presently available or not can be shown by a tiny dot that lies in front of your name in Slack. A blank circle shows that you are unavailable while a green shows that you are active. The app has automatic settings that help you display your status as active while you are using it. And your status remains active after 10 minutes of you logging off on mobile, if your slack is on a desktop then you can remain active for almost 30 minutes even after being inactive.  If you want the app to be more precise you can set the status manually as away. 

    Slack on Mobile

    → 4. Focus Mode Can Do The Trick

    There are times when all we need to do is turn off the noise in the room so we can concentrate. As per a new survey by CareerBuilder, 55% of employees think that texting reduces their productivity. 

    As an illustration, let's suppose you are a software developer, your focus time and concentration can be altered if messages will keep arriving in your slack. So you can use a third party plugin and apply your present status to help you better manage your work. You can use the chrome extensions that are available in the web store at the moment. 

    → 5. Pick A Project Management Tool

    When you work on any project, this functionality will immediately update your Slack status. Consider the scenario when there are three items on your office's to-do list. The list can then be uploaded, and as the chores are finished, your Slack status will be updated automatically. This reduces the time you spend on Slack which sometimes leads to a decrease in productivity according to the Workgeist Report. 

    → 6. Set Your Phone on Auto Lock

    An excellent way to remain active is opening your phone by changing settings of your auto lock to never. This helps you because your phone never locks and you can keep your status as green. We only advise adopting this technique if you discover that even when you are actively working, you are not perceived as being "active." In the long run, using it to appear active when you're doing something else will only hinder your advancement at work.

    You can also keep your slack on and take a quick stroll out in the open. These way you can stay active and also reboot your energy. 

    → 7. A Legacy Token Can Go a Long Way

    It is possible to generate a legacy token every time you want to set up a new team. In Slack, a legacy token is an older method of self-authentication that is perfect for our straightforward use case of creating a status.

    Bottom Line - Automate Your Slack Status 

    The more of your daily tasks you can automate, the more time you will have to concentrate on your business.

    You can connect your calendar events, daily plan, and concentrate time with your most-used daily communication tool by automating your Slack status. This results in a well-organized, simple plan that enables you to carve out time for crucial breaks, lunch, and focused time.

    Additionally, it allows you the chance to establish firm limits with your coworkers, giving you both more peace of mind throughout the working day.

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