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The Need For Career Counselling For School Students

School is where we take our baby steps toward the career path. Career Counsellor in India states that students and their parents must mark for the best career option since it is crucial in shaping their life. The random suggestions provided by relatives and friends to become an engineer, doctor, lawyer, architect, etc., are outdated nowadays. There is plenty of fish in the sea. Likewise, there are enormous courses with excellent scope available in the world. Career guidance helps students decide what they want and prefer the stream they like the most.

Best Career Counselling in India

What is career counselling?

Career counselling is a process where a counsellor helps the client to know their strengths, weaknesses, abilities, passion and skills better. They conduct assessments and psychometric tests to decide upon the client’s interest, and accordingly, they suggest suitable career options. Best Career Counselling in India helps school students mature and select a course they want to do without any doubt or fear.

Significance of career counselling for students

Help you pick the right career- There are plenty of courses and occupations available, and we tend to choose the same five to ten fields. Career counsellors will research and give you a complete idea of various courses, their scope, job opportunities and the risks involved. Through the assessments and personal counselling, the counsellors will filter the options based on the interests, skills, values, background, ability, etc., and thus eliminates your confusion. 

Expert’s advice- Career counselling makes you sit with an educational professional to clear your minute doubts. An expert is well-versed in the scope of all the courses or a particular field. You can ask any question to have clarity on the subject. Both the mentors and the experts will be friendly and approachable to the students to open up. Having a conversation with an expert satisfies the parents before enrolling their son or daughter on some course. 

Help students improve their overall personality- Good career guidance will bring change in a person’s behaviour and personality. School students will be doubtful and scared about what to choose next due to the external pressure of society. Best Career Counselling in India will clarify their doubts and boost their confidence level. It also discards their unwanted fear and disbelief. Also, it moulds the students to face the competitive world boldly.

Removes stress and anxiety- Two things travel with school students: Stress and Anxiety. They are the outcome of the pressure of board exams and high expectations from their parents or relatives. In addition to that, opting for a career path can be more tedious and tiring. To support that and take away all the worries, career counsellors make your job easy by helping prefer for the right path without any confusion and peer pressure. The mentors will guide you on the skills you have to work on to help you land a good course and a job. 

Help you stay stable- If you ask a student what his passion is, he will tell you that he wants to become a doctor. After a few months, when questioned again, his answer would be different like, a police officer. In helping these wavering minds, career counselling plays a crucial role. Career guidance can assist a student take a stand and then putting his entire focus on the chosen field and improvising to reach heights.

Tune you to accept reality and manage expectations- Along with the career suggestions, career counselling will also teach you essential values like problem-solving to follow in life. Many students would not be able to accept the reality, and failure, face the competition and meet the expectation of their parents. Career guidance helps you stay composed and encounter all the issues with a strong mind and heart. 

Builds you an action plan- The problem with the system is that we all dream big. But none of us executes those into action. So we all stay stagnant in the same place and blame society and ourselves. Career guidance will give you an action plan and tips that make you reach your goal.

How do students get to benefit from career counselling?

Best Career Counselling in India helps students set up realistic goals and assists them to achieve them. Some of the other benefits are,

● Counselling can bring out the best in the students based on their ability, interest and passion.

●  Career counselling studies students’ self-doubts and braces them with the appropriate assessments for their self-realisation of interest.

●Career counselling helps the students with feedback on their assessments and guides them correspondingly.

● Career counselling helps groom the vital skills required in the demanding fields right from schooling.

● Career counselling helps the students in deciding: Where to study? What to do next? How to bring it into action?

● Career counselling will provide clarity to both the students and the parents regarding the availability of diverse options.

●  Career counselling will help students work towards their specific goals without distractions or confusion.

●Career counselling helps students realise their strengths and weaknesses, give informations about the opportunities and cautions them about the threats and consequences.

● Career counselling gives information regarding the availability of scholarships and other benefits for the students to pursue their dream stream and course.


Decisions made in schools will last for a lifetime. Hence it is critical to make it wisely. Career Counsellor in India states that the perfect time to get career counselling is between 13 to 17 years of age. Appropriate guidance will help you draw a career line for yourself rather than fitting into someone else’s decision.


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